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Bet u didn - t know that, Tumblr

bet u didn't know that!

i told myself i’d work today, that i’d do requests and homework. instead… yoi

  • Spain: Hey, Romano, you're coming to my wedding, okay?
  • Romano: Tch, you already know who you're marrying, Tomato Bastard?
  • Spain: Yeah. They're pretty hot and I love them so much.
  • Romano: Sure they are.
  • Spain: They're perfect. They make my life complete.
  • Romano: Does it look like I give a fuck?
  • Spain: So I got one question for you.
  • Romano: . what?
  • Spain: Will you marry me?
  • Romano: .

I drew my girlfriend to wind down last night. THAT’S RIGHT.

believe it or not, norwegian black metal was created in norway

wow yeah here’s how I do my brows. so easy!

3. Small strokes sprouting from the underline

5. Touch up sparse areas with brow pomade and conceal

I used: Loreal Brow Stylist Definer, NYX Tame & Frame, and LA Girl Pro Concealer.

That moment when you find out the voice actress of Sapphire

is the same voice actress as Keesha Franklin.

heaven // blue neighbourhood // troye sivan

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