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ashaway tennis strings

John Gugel discusses Stringing Ashaway MonoGut ZX

Maximizes Softer Feel

and Ball Control

PTFE Blend / 100% Zyex

MonoGut ZX Pro replaces Natural Gut in Hybrid

100% Zyex Monofilament

MonoGut ZX replaces Natural Gut in Pro Tour Hybrid

PTFE Blend / Synthetic

Increased String Life

in a Crossfire Hybrid

in a Crossfire Hybrid

in a Crossfire Hybrid

in a Crossfire Hybrid

in Hybrid Combinations

Blend of Playability & Durability

in Hybrid Combinations

in Hybrid Combinations

Maximum Playability with Exceptional Spin Potential

Superior Power with Excellent Spin Potential

Gold, Optic Yellow

Zyex® is a registered trademark of Zyex Ltd.

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Strings - Tennis Industry news

Strings Ashaway adds SuperNick ZX squash string

SuperNick ZX strings combine nylon multifilament cores with special wear layers of Zyex® filaments to provide precise touch, maintain tension, and maximize spin (Full story …)

February 24, 2017

Zero Poly tennis strings from Ashaway

Ashaway, RI - Disenchanted with the arm numbing impact and dull performance of so-called high tech polyester monofilament strings, more and more tennis players are finding that newer “Zero Poly” alternatives like Ashaway’s MZX strings (MonoGut® ZX and MZX Pro). (Full story …)

November 30, 2016

Ashaway introduces Rally 21 Fire string

Provides 25% improvement in Dynamic Stiffness and Elasticity for maximum shuttle speed; 25% increase in knot and sheer strength; minimizes tension loss for consistent performance (Full story …)

‘Zero poly’ alternatives gaining momentum

Tournament and high-end players discovering “Zero Poly” monofilament alternatives (Full story …)

Ashaway ZyMax Fire sparks global appeal

Soaring sales see “Fiery Orange” ZyMax string in racquets worldwide. Thinner tournament gauges especially popular, says Crandall (Full story …)

Castagnet switches to Ashaway

Beats Omar Mosaad To Win 2016 Canary Wharf Classic, Moves Up To World No. 7 (Full story …)

MonoGut ZX wins PTR Challenge

In blind head-to-head competition with polyester, Zyex®-based MonoGut preferred by 80% of PTR member participants (Full story …)

February 23, 2016

Zyex-based string families for racquetball

If you like the unbridled power and feel of Zyex, go with UltraKill® -- If you like the feel of nylon, but want more power and tension maintenance, try PowerKill® (Full story …)

January 11, 2016

SuperNick ZX squash strings from Ashaway

Multifilament nylon core provides optimum feel of the ball and precise touch: ZX wear layer increases durability and maintains tension; Textured surface increases ball control and maximizes spin potential (Full story …)

Ashaway SuperKill family grows

Range of gauge, nylon core designs, power, durability and feel, provide choices for all players (Full story …)

December 2, 2015

The untold story of Ashaway's hybrids

Ashaway, RI - For over twenty-five years now, Ashaway’s Crossfire® hybrid tennis strings have been used by many of the world’s top competitive players. Ashaway’s signature aramid main string, in combination with natural gut, was the first hybrid ever used. (Full story …)

October 12, 2015

Soderling is now selling strings

Having launched his own tennis ball, Robin Soderling is getting further into the equipment business, now selling a line of strings. The RS Lyon is a premium polyester string sold in both 17 and 17L gauge, in a silver design. (Full story …)

The 'healing power' of Ashaway MonoGut

MonoGut ZX and ZX Pro strings generate spin as well as polyester strings and even help players recover from impact related injuries (Full story …)

Ashaway terminates distributorship

Ashaway, RI - Ashaway Racket Strings has terminated Harrow Sports as a distributor of Ashaway strings, the company has announced. In addition, Ashaway will no longer supply SuperNick® XL squash strings for factory stringing in Harrow frames. “It has come. (Full story …)

Ashaway introduces ZyMax 69 Fire

ZyMax 69 Fire constructed using proprietary new BETA polymer technology -- String optimized to provide maximum dynamic stiffness, power, durability, repulsion, and tension holding (Full story …)

MonoGut ZX Black offers versatility and playability

Two Zyex-based strings offer comfortable arm-friendly performance ideal for full string bed use or as part of a hybrid combination. -- 100% Zyex® monofilament construction increases elongation, decreases stiffness for easy playing, generates soft power. (Full story …)

Ashaway introduces ZyMax 62 Fire

Dynamic stiffness and repulsion power increased 25% with new proprietary BETA Polymer core -- ZyWeaVe™ core technology prevents tension loss; braided construction increases knot and shear strength (Full story …)

Increase in hybrids driven by 'poly pain'

Stiff polyester string beds a leading cause of arm and joint pain and stiffness -- Players of all stripes seeking relief with modified "hybrid" stringing techniques (Full story …)

Babolat launches limited French Open products

2015 Babolat French Open Official Range … Winning Combination Returns to The Courts of Roland-Garros (Full story …)

Gamma offers Solace

New Multifilament String with TNT®2 Processed Dual Core Technology Offers Comfort, Feel and Touch (Full story …)

February 11, 2015

Ashaway intros two badminton strings

Proprietary BETA Polymer multifilament core optimized for precision or power. Each string offers 25% increase in dynamic stiffness and elasticity, plus reduced tension loss (Full story …)

Meet M7: Babolat’s newest string

Unique 7-Monofilament string answers need for more durability without sacrificing power and comfort (Full story …)

February 3, 2015

Ashaway Introduces ZyMax Fire

ZyMax Fire badminton strings are the first to use proprietary new BETA polymer technology. Each string tailored to optimize playing characteristics, including dynamic stiffness, power, durability, repulsion, and tension holding (Full story …)

November 21, 2014

MonoGut ZX series now in black

100% Zyex® monofilament construction increases elongation, decreases stiffness for easy playing, soft power. -- Comfortable, arm-friendly performance ideal for stand-alone use or as part of a hybrid combination. (Full story …)

October 23, 2014

Ashaway sponsors Swain

Swain also to string new racquet line with Ashaway strings (Full story …)

Arm-friendly strings are for everyone

Ashaway, RI — It used to be that the dreaded ‘tennis elbow’ was a malady suffered by veteran players, seniors, or tennis fanatics who simply could not get enough. Now, with high-tech polyester strings and “spin” being all the rage. (Full story …)

Ashaway offers new bulk reels

Two popular strings now available in 360-ft (110 m) and 720-ft (220 m) reels, ideal for hybrid stringing. -- 100% Zyex® monofilament construction increases elongation, decreases stiffness for easy playing soft power. -- Comfortable, arm-friendly performance ideal for stand-alone use or as part of a hybrid combination. (Full story …)

Ashaway named official string of WSA

Ashaway, RI — Ashaway Racket Strings has renewed its partnership program with the Women’s Squash Association, becoming once again “The Official String of WSA.” Terms of the agreement were not disclosed. “We’re very happy to renew our longstanding relationship with. (Full story …)

Ashaway introduces Crossfire ZX Tour

Combining 100% co-polymer monofilament mains and 100% Zyex® monofilament crosses, Crossfire ZX Tour delivers maximum spin, gut-like playability, and outstanding power (Full story …)

February 28, 2014

GAMMA Glide is revolutionary

You heard right, GAMMA’s done it again! After years of R&D and hundreds of hours of testing, GAMMA has developed the perfect cross string that will make ANY main string play better. This string has the feel and elasticity of. (Full story …)

February 15, 2014

Ashaway introduces hybrid tennis string

Combining Aramid/PTFE Kevlar® +Plus mains and Monogut® ZX Pro crosses, Crossfire ZX provides an exceptional combination of soft power, durability, and superior spin (Full story …)

January 31, 2014

Ashaway brings Zyex to hybrids

Crossfire ZX combines 17 gauge Kevlar® +Plus Mains with MonoGut® ZX Pro Crosses -- Crossfire ZX Tour Includes Ashaway's co-polymer MonoGut Original with MonoGut ZX Crosses -- Both strings add a new dimension of soft power, spin and durability (Full story …)

December 10, 2013

Ashaway introduces new PowerKill

New PowerKill 17 and PowerKill Pro "morph" from recent PFT™ R&D advances in UltraKill® 16 -- Line includes surface element of Zyex® filaments to increase durability and tension maintenance, and optimize power (Full story …)

December 4, 2013

Babolat launches new Origin string

DECEMBER 4, 2013 — In keeping with a long tradition of innovation in tennis racket strings, Babolat launches Babolat Origin, a new synthetic string providing a combination of power and comfort. In 1875, Babolat invented the first tennis racket string. (Full story …)

November 21, 2013

Ashaway named the Official String of PTR

Hilton Head Island, SC — Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) announced that Ashaway Racket Strings, of Ashaway, Rhode Island, signed a three year sponsorship agreement with PTR, making Ashaway Strings the Official Strings of PTR effective January 1, 2014. “PTR is. (Full story …)

November 19, 2013

YTEX string offer for USRSA members

Key Biscayne, FL — YTEX is offering all USRSA members wholesale prices on its sets and reels. YTEX is the newest brand on the market and its Quadro Twist was rated #1 for spin and #2 best string ever tested. (Full story …)

November 5, 2013

Head Hawk features innovative technology

Kennelbach, Austria — HEAD introduces the groundbreaking CRYSTAL CORE technology, a newly developed string manufacturing process which opens the door to a whole new era of co-polyester strings. Providing the ultimate combination of power and feel, the new technology is. (Full story …)

September 30, 2013

Ashaway's new and improved UltraKill 16

Utilizes revolutionary Power Filament Technology™ design for maximum durability, superior power, and improved tension control. Designed for top level players who need durability but do not want to sacrifice power or ball control (Full story …)

Group Led By David Palmer Buys BlackKnight USA

Group acquires all US marketing and distribution rights to Black Knight racquets. To set up headquarters in Orlando, FL. To continue strong partnership with Ashaway Racket Strings (Full story …)

Ashaway MonoGut ZX series tennis strings

100% Zyex® monofilament construction increases elongation, decreases stiffness for comfortable soft power. Thinner, lighter version of MonoGut ZX Pro delivers even more playability for players who do not require added durability of 16 gauge MonoGut ZX. Surface design plus solid monofilament construction minimizes string movement, improves abrasion resistance and durability (Full story …)

Ashaway Kevlar Plus available in bulk

Bulk spools offer greater flexibility in string combinations, minimize string waste -- PTFE filaments in braided Kevlar mains produce softer feel, enhance playability (Full story …)

Ashaway continues as Official String of USA Racquetball

Contract extension continues promotion and support for growth of exciting sport (Full story …)

Luxilon returns as Official Stringer of Sony Open

Luxilon 4G String of Choice for WTA No. 1 Serena Williams Since 2012 Launch (Full story …)

January 31, 2013

Crandall sees bright future for Zyex strings

Says new Zyex monofilament formulations provide better all-around performance than stiff polyesters -- Compares polyesters to "Formula One racers" and "gut on steroids" (Full story …)

December 19, 2012

Gamma announces RZR Rx

New TPE String Construction Give Players More Control and Comfort. (Full story …)

Gamma announces Moto, iO, and Poly-Z

Pittsburgh, PA — Gamma Sports (GAMMA) announces new poly line-up for 2013 with more BITE, POWER, and CONTROL. BITE: GAMMA Moto Moto is a new heptagonal shaped string developed for the high performance player. This seven-sided construction allows for greater. (Full story …)

November 26, 2012

Ashaway introduces 17g MonoGut ZX Pro

Thinner, lighter version of MonoGut ZX delivers even more playability for players who do not require added durability of 16-gauge string. 100% Zyex® monofilament construction provides exceptional dynamic stiffness, more spin, and gut-like playability. Zero polyester MonoGut ZX Pro polymer increases elongation, decreases stiffness for comfortable soft power. (Full story …)

October 17, 2012

Gamma Ships FTX

New All-Around Performance Processed String Features Unique Construction and Patented GAMMA Irradiation (Full story …)

October 11, 2012

Customize your racquet with Dynamite

Zyex® Multifilament Core Balances Toughness and Touch with Exceptional Tension Holding. Different Core Constructions and Gauges Provide Optimum Combinations of Power and Durability (Full story …)

September 12, 2012

Ashaway's 'man-made natural gut'

Says playing characteristics of new PEEK polymer strings closest to natural gut of any string ever made. (Full story …)

Ashaway introduces MonoGut ZX Red

Space-age Zyex material formulation contains no polyester, plays more like natural gut. Praised by both USRSA and ERSA for reduced stiffness, more resilience and power than top polyester brands. (Full story …)

Zyex MonoGut becomes MonoGut ZX

While new name capitalizes on established Ashaway brand, 100% Zyex monofilament string provides exceptional dynamic stiffness and gut-like playability. -- Zero polyester MonoGut ZX polymer increases elongation, decreases stiffness for comfortable soft power. -- Surface design plus solid monofilament construction minimizes string movement, improves abrasion resistance and durability. (Full story …)

Yonex to provide stringing services at the Olympics

The YONEX Stringing Team supports the world’s top players on-site at all the major tournaments, keeping their racquets precisely strung so they perform at their best. ES5PROTECH Stringing Machine achieves more accuracy, more stability, speed, and fail-safe reliability. This is. (Full story …)

Ashaway introduces Dynamite 17 Natural

Zyex® Multifilament Core Provides Optimum Combination of Power and Durability -- Balances Toughness and Touch with Exceptional Tension Holding Characteristics (Full story …)

Babolat's 2012 French Open Products

Iconic Tennis Brand Serves the French Open with Passion for the Second Year in a Row (Full story …)

Babolat presents RPM Team

Boulder, Colorado — Babolat presents its very latest innovation: RPM Team string. Developed from the top-selling RPM Blast string, new RPM Team is perfect for players looking for high performance and more comfort. This new string makes topspin shots more. (Full story …)

Ashaway introduces Dynamite 18 Soft

Zyex multifilament core maximizes softer feel and resilience, reduces tension loss -- Ultra-thin construction with braided surface sharpens control, improves spin (Full story …)

L-TEC launches full-poly hybrids

ATLANTA — L-TEC Premium strings are the first line of tennis strings that have been designed and developed to specifically work together in unique hybrid combinations, so that players can enhance, as well as fine-tune the performance of their racquet. (Full story …)

February 18, 2012

Ashaway intros Crossfire Plus Hybrid

Aramid/PTFE Mains, Synthetic Gut Crosses Soften String Bed, Improve durability (Full story …)

February 7, 2012

PowerNick strings have 'Hard Power'

Combination of Zyex polymer formulation and core structure provide superior power, resilience, and ball control (Full story …)

January 25, 2012

Bryan Brothers 'Unleash the Beast'

Prince's New Thermo-polyester String The New Weapon of Choice for the World No. 1's (Full story …)

January 23, 2012

Ashaway Introduces ZyMax MonoGut

100% Zyex monofilament string provides exceptional dynamic stiffness and gut-like playability. Zero polyester Zyex polymer increases elongation, decreases stiffness for comfortable soft power. Surface design plus solid monofilament construction minimizes string movement, improves abrasion resistance and durability (Full story …)

January 12, 2012

Ashaway introduces ZyMax 65

Combination of high-tech materials and ZyWeaVe™ core construction maintains tension, generates more repulsive power. ZyMax 65 provides enhanced durability over ZyMax 62, more power than ZyMax 67 (Full story …)

November 21, 2011

UltraNick for squash offers soft power

Latest Zyex® Multifilament Cores yield line of thinner, stronger, lighter-weight strings with superior feel and more power. Choice of 17 or 18-gauge lets players optimize softness and durability for their game (Full story …)

Kirschbaum's US Open promotion

A) It’s for PRO LINE II Reels and Sets in both RED and BLACK and for all gauges. In short for ALL Pro Line II Products. B)It’s a National program that will begin to be offered to the public begining. (Full story …)

Ashaway Introduces UltraKill 16

Multi-stranded Zyex Monofilament Core increases power and resilience -- Maintains tension throughout string life for consistent performance -- Tough 16 gauge maximizes durability for chronic string breakers (Full story …)

Ashaway Introduces Dynamite 16 Tough

Multi-stranded Zyex® Monofilament Core increases power and resilience (Full story …)

Luxilon strings make history

[CHICAGO] — Luxilon strings were the top choice for the champions of Wimbledon. Most notably, the women’s singles champion Petra Kvitova who won her 1st Grand Slam title while competing in her first Grand Slam final match. Kvitova used ALU. (Full story …)

Ashaway Unveils New Website now offers a new look and feel, enhanced navigation, more product information, and stringing advice (Full story …)

Luxilon dominates Roland Garros finals

CHICAGO — Luxilon strings were once again the top choice for players reaching the final weekend of the French Open in Paris. Most notably, three out of the four men’s singles semifinalists played Luxilon strings, including runner-up and all-time Grand. (Full story …)

Luxilon string takes home nine titles

[CHICAGO] — Luxilon string played a significant role in the achievements in several recent championship titles. 9 of this weekend’s winners were Luxilon players and all of them used Luxilon ALU Power 125 string. Roberta Vinci of Italy was the. (Full story …)

GAMMA Launches Performance Guarantee

Consumers can now try performance processed and polyester strings without risk. (Full story …)

Ashaway Introduces UltraNick 17

Zyex® multifilament core increases power and resilience, prevents tension loss -- 17 gauge construction with braided surface maximizes durability, control (Full story …)

Gamma Adds to Zo Polyester String Line

Pittsburgh, PA — Gamma Sports (GAMMA) has released two new co-polyester strings, Zo Verve and Zo Black Ice, that are designed with a combination of materials that maintain tension and play more consistent than mono-polyester strings. GAMMA Zo Verve has. (Full story …)

Dunlop Adds to Biomimetic Strings

Strings Available Today at Select Retailers (Full story …)

February 24, 2011

Ashaway Again the Official String of USAR

Only US manufacturer of racquet strings continues support of US National Governing Body (Full story …)

February 4, 2011

Strong Start for Luxilon at 2011 Australian Open

[CHICAGO] — Luxilon string played a significant role in the achievements of many 2011 Australian Open champions. Luxilon was present in all the doubles finals. The Bryan Brothers used Timo 110 in their racquets and won their 10th career Grand. (Full story …)

January 18, 2011

Prince Reveals Beast XP

For the past six months, Prince has embarked on a completely new go-to-market strategy in the introduction of a key new string. “361 Nation,” the mysterious string that has been the focus of industry speculation since Wimbledon, is a new. (Full story …)

January 12, 2011

Prince Launches New Racquet Weaponry

Visible EXO3 Technology Engineered to Deliver Enhanced String Freedom for Edge-to-Edge Playability. New EXO3 Tour Models Join Upgraded EXO3 Silver, EXO3 Blue and EXO3 Red (Full story …)

Ashaway Introduces PowerNick 19

November 17, 2010

Dunlop Debuts Five New Strings

To Complement Biomimetic Racquets. Strings and Biomimetic Rackets Now Available at Select Retailers (Full story …)

November 9, 2010

Klip America now Epic Sports International

November 3, 2010

Wilson Launches New String for 2011

Four New Strings for Every Player Type (Full story …)

September 22, 2010

Ashaway Introduces UltraKill 18

Thinner 18 gauge construction enhances power and playability. Zyex® multifilament core maintains tension for longer playing life. (Full story …)

Ashaway Introduces New Dynamite Soft

Zyex® multifilament core technology provides soft power, reduces tension loss. Special surface braid maximizes control, increases spin. (Full story …)

Top U.S. Junior Kudla Signs With Tecnifibre

Tecnifibre signed a multiyear agreement with the No. 1-ranked U.S. junior player, Denis Kudla. At the age of 17, he is one of the best juniors in the world, reaching as high as No. 3 in the world in January. (Full story …)

ALM Group to Distribute Polyfibre in U.S.

Polyfibre is now distributed by ALM Sports Group, who also is the USA distributor for Genesis, Poly Star, Pro Supex, and co-distributor for Topspin. Since 1993, the company, based in Germany, has developed and sold over 30 different types of. (Full story …)

Genesis Releases 4 New Strings

Genesis has recently launched four new strings. Genesis Hexonic is a hexagonal shaped co-polyester string that comes in a red color and is available in three diameters: 1.27mm, 1.18mm, and 1.09mm. Heptonic is a heptagon shaped co-polyester string available in. (Full story …)

Tecnifibre becomes Official IRT String

Tecnifibre has been named the Official String of the International Racquetball Tour effective immediately. “Tecnifibre, garnering multiple number 1 ratings for performance and comfort as a synthetic string by the United States Racquet Stringers Association, with partners such as ATP. (Full story …)

ZyMax 67 Offers Lowest Tension Loss

New offering from Ashaway is best of any badminton string. Tournament gauge string provides increased strength and durability. Rounds out ZyMax family of badminton strings based on proprietary ZyWeaVe core technology (Full story …)

Poly Star Now Distributed by The Tennis Depot

Poly Star, the first in the tennis industry to introduce polyester strings to the market is now distributed by The Tennis Depot. With over 29 years of experience in continually investing in research and development, Poly Star strings are best. (Full story …)

Gamma Sports Launches TNT2 Touch

PITTSBURGH — Today, Gamma Sports announced the launch of a new addition to the TNT2 string line, the Touch. The TNT2 Touch is the first multifilament string energized with the Gamma patented TNT process. Gamma engineers spent years of product. (Full story …)

Ashaway UltraNick 18 Squash String

Zyex multifilament core increases power and resilience, prevents tension loss -- 18 gauge construction with braided surface provides softer feel, sharper control. (Full story …)

New products from Boris Becker tennis

Boris Becker tennis is proud to introduce the new Delta Core Power, Delta Core Sportster, Delta Core Pro, and the Junior Legend. DC Power Boris Becker Cranks up the power with the Delta Core Power. This racquet features two new. (Full story …)

Ashaway Introduces ZyMax 62

The Lightest Badminton String Ever Made. ZyWeaVe™ core makes ZyMax 62 lighter by 25% than standard .70mm strings (Full story …)

February 5, 2010

New RPM Blast string from Babolat

Black String and White Double Line: A Babolat Revolution (Full story …)

January 19, 2010

Ashaway Racket Strings Celebrates 185th Birthday

One of the oldest family-owned businesses in the U.S., Ashaway is also the only U.S. string manufacturer (Full story …)

January 13, 2010

New Ashaway Cores Allow Thinner Strings

Multifilament Core Packages known for their strength, resilience, and tension holding properties. (Full story …)

October 21, 2009

Ashaway Introduces ZyMax 70 for Badminton

The the Strongest 0.70 mm String Ever Made. Revolutionary ZyWeaVe Core improves durability, resists tension loss. (Full story …)

September 25, 2009

Prince Premier LT Shows Immediate Success and Popularity

Rated #1 Overall Synthetic Gut Ever Tested by US Stringers Association and Showing Greatest Increase in Market Share of All Strings on the Market in 2009. (Full story …)

Ashaway ZyWeaVe Produces Lightest, Strongest Badminton Strings

Less elongation and creep help maintain tension and repulsion power. (Full story …) Draws More Than One Million Unique Users for Wimbledon

NEW YORK, NY - JULY 7, 2009 - They may play on the hallowed grounds of Wimbledon in “classic tennis whites,” but when fans want the news, they turn to the Internet. For the second consecutive Grand Slam tournament, (Full story …)

Recreational Tennis Players Increasingly Disillusioned with High-Tech Strings

Aging sport demographic seeks softer playing, more economical alternatives (Full story …)

Prince Adds New Performance String and Grips to 2009 Product Line

New-look packaging and re-organized segmentations make finding the right product easier for players. (Full story …)

February 3, 2009

USPTA Texas Division Southwest Tennis Buying Show to be held in Dallas/Fort Worth area

More than 125 buyers are expected. (Full story …)

December 3, 2008

Ashaway Extends String and Shoe Sponsorship Deal with Jack Huczek

-- Legendary player to also assist with product development and marketing (Full story …)

Babolat Launches Addiction String

Boulder, Colorado — Babolat, a leading manufacturer of tennis products, announces the introduction of its newest multifilament string, Addiction. Babolat created the new Addiction string for players looking for the right blend of comfort, power, and durability. This multifilament string. (Full story …)

Self-Designed Black Knight Racquet and Ashaway String Help David Palmer to 4th British Open Crown

Ashaway, RI -- The fourth time was the sweetest for Squash great David Palmer. Confounding critics who said the 31-year-old Australian would no longer be able to compete for major titles, the fifth-seeded Palmer beat England's James Willstrop in an. (Full story …)

Harrison Brothers Choose Babolat Racquets and Strings for Next Four Years

Lyon, France – May 7, 2008 –- Babolat, one of the leading manufacturers of tennis products, today announces Ryan Harrison and Christian Harrison have chosen to use Babolat racquets and strings for the next four years. Babolat has had a. (Full story …)

Prince Continues Momentum According to Q1 Industry Audit

Industry Leader Now Has More Racquet and Footwear Models in Top Fifteen Than Any Other Brand and #1 Position in String (Full story …)

Gamma Sports Unveils New Zo Tour String

New Polyester String Added to Line of Gamma Tour Strings for the Elite Player (Full story …)

Ashaway Racket Strings Sponsors Squash Great Natalie Grainger

Ashaway, RI -- Ashaway Racket Strings has signed squash great Natalie Grainger to a multi-year sponsorship agreement, company officials announced today. Grainger, who won the US Nationals in March after switching to Ashaway's new SuperNick® XL Micro, is currently ranked. (Full story …)

Gamma Sports Introduces New Asterisk Tour String

New Multifilament Design Builds on Success of Asterisk Line of Strings (Full story …)

February 1, 2008

Head Sonic Pro 17 Gauge Ranks #1 for Durability Head FXP Power Ranks #5 Overall Synthetic

Phoenix, AZ –- The 2008 USRSA String Members’ Choice Awards Survey has HEAD Sonic Pro as the #1 Rated 17-Gauge String for Durability, and FXP Power as the #5 Overall Rated Synthetic String. “We are pleased to see that experts. (Full story …)

December 21, 2007

Luxilon Launches New Alu Power Spin Tennis String


November 20, 2007

RECOIL: The Future of String is Here

Prince Partners with Gore™ to Offer String That Provides Precise String Re-Alignment After Every Shot (Full story …)

November 13, 2007

Ashaway Sponsors Christensen

Ashaway, RI — Ashaway Racket Strings has signed a multi-year sponsorship agreement with rising Danish badminton star Michael Christensen, the company has announced. The agreement marks the first time Ashaway has sponsored a major international player in Denmark, where badminton. (Full story …)

November 7, 2007

Prince Continues Momentum Heading Into Fourth Quarter of 2007

Q3 SMS/TIA Audit Shows Company Has Nearly One Third of Industry’s Hottest New Racquets and #1 Best-Selling String (Full story …)

Tennis Warehouse New Isospeed Distributor

IsoSport AG announced that the new North American distributor for Isospeed strings is Tennis Warehouse. Carrying a complete line of Isospeed strings, Tennis Warehouse offers convenient online shopping for home stringers, pro and specialty shops. Quantity discounts are available. For. (Full story …)

September 25, 2007

New Ashaway SuperNick XL Micro Squash String

Ashaway, RI — Ashaway Racket Strings has improved its SuperNick® XL Micro squash string to provide increased durability, improved shot making, and stronger brand recognition. By modifying the string's unique construction of nylon multifilament core and double-braided multifilament jacket, Ashaway. (Full story …)

Hybrid Stringing Saves Money and Improves Performance, Says Ashaway's Steve Crandall

Six different main/cross combinations for a range of playing styles and budgets. (Full story …)

Three Ashaway MonoGut Tennis Strings Provide Resiliency, Durability and Value

Ashaway, RI -- Four years after their introduction, Ashaway's three, multi-polymer monofilament synthetic gut tennis strings — MonoGut®, MonoGut 17 and the hybrid Crossfire® MonoGut — continue to turn heads. Players of all stripes report the strings play like natural. (Full story …)

HEAD Launches New Accessories!

Phoenix, AZ - June 25, 2007 – HEAD launches new accessories. Along with the MicroGEL Radical Racquets that were recently introduced, HEAD also launched the new Radical Supercombi bag. With a hot new color to match the MicroGEL Radical racquet. (Full story …)

Online Feedback Helps High-Tech String Material Gain Respect

Ashaway, RI — If word of mouth is still the best—and worst—advertising, customer feedback sections on websites like provide a very loud megaphone. In the case of a tennis string like Dynamite® from Ashaway, positive feedback has helped overcome. (Full story …)

Prince Comes Out of Gate Strong in Q1

Tennis Leader Poised To Break $100 Million Sales Mark in 2007 (Full story …)

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