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Dota 2 Blog: NBA And Take Two Interactive To Join Forces

NBA And Take Two Interactive To Join Forces

eSports tournaments are now commonplace but it is not every day that you see major sports brands such as the NBA taking direct interest. However, this has just happened as the prestigious basketball league has made an agreement with Take Two Interactive, creators of NBA2K to create a league of their own.

Unlike most eSports competitions where pretty much anyone skilled enough can make it in, this league will be reserved for actual NBA teams. Each real life NBA team is set to operate one franchise within the league and league games will be played on a weekly basis, with regular season and playoffs all included.

NBA Interest Fantastic For eSports

eSports industry has been growing like never before with many huge companies from all spheres of life entering the industry in one way or another. However, the interest of a sports giants like the NBA is truly important for the growth of eSports as a whole.

The league that is set to feature all NBA clubs shows that not only the league as a whole but individual clubs are also taking the interest in eSports. This may very well prompt other sports leagues such as the NFL or European football leagues to follow in their footsteps and make eSports ever more popular.

The marketing importance of this move for the eSports industry and Take Two Interactive cannot be overemphasized of course as the industry is certain to gain new fans and players when combined with such a prestigious franchise as the NBA.

Stay tuned and get ready for the launch of one of the major eSports leagues in the world.

About The Author

Vedran Ostojic

A recreational player of DOTA 2 and LOL and an avid fan of eSports, Vedran has been a regular reporter for several eSports publications for several years. His interests also include other forms of online gaming and sports in general.

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