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Football Bets Explained, Accumulator Tips

Common Football Bets Explained

What is an Accumulator?

Accumulator bet is a football bet that encompasses 4 selections or more in to one bet which gains a return only when every part win. The main advantage of this football bet is that the chances of winning are much higher at the expense of increased risk; you stand to lose the entire wager with just a lose in a single selection.

In the event of a non – runner, calculation of returns are made assuming that the accumulator had not contained the selection. This means that, if you make five selections and one turns out to be a non-runner, then returns will be calculated for just four selections.

Although accumulator bet is available for all sports, bookmakers differ in rules on combining selections to form a single wager. The selections must be inversely independent to prevent one from placing several counts on the same runner; you cannot combine the selections from the same event in to a single accumulator bet.

Punters can hedge their risk by placing bets against the folds of their wager for a possibility of gaining return in case all selections win due to the “all” or “nothing” nature. For example, a person may place a 6 fold accumulator and also place a stake on the 6 smaller 5 fold accumulators to ensure that not everything is lost should one selection lose.

Man Utd to beat Swansea – 2-0

Arsenal to beat Hull – 4-0

Man City to beat Chelsea – 1-0

Liverpool to beat Everton – 0-2

This accumulator failed due to Everton beating Liverpool meaning you win nothing at all. If one part of an accumulator fails; you win nothing.

What is a Single?

It is a straight football bet on the results of an event. The determination of returns is based on the odds offered and the amount staked. Depending on the outcome of the backed game, a single football bet may either win or lose.

You must research on football tips before deciding the amount you wish to punt; the stake and the potential chances of winning should be directly proportional.

In the event of the selection losing, the bookmaker keeps the entire stake without returning anything to the punter.

In case the selection wins, the odds are multiplied by stake to get the profit. The stake and the profit are both refunded to the gambler. Selections with less probability of winning are offered at higher odds.

The strategy should be to place bets on the selections that are likely to happen rather than the suggestion of odds. This is known as “value bet”.

A single bet may be modified into an each way bet to decrease the risk by producing a return if the selection finishes in just a placing position. It is a bet you can always rely on its availability as it is accepted everywhere that takes bets, across all countries and sports.

Example: Manchester United to beat Swansea City. United win 2-0 and you win your bet.

With a single, you aren’t adding lots of outcomes to boost the odds – instead you’re stating that one thing will happen and the bookmakers give you set odds for that one outcome. To be blunt; singles are 50/50 bets where you have a 50% chance of winning and an equal chance of losing.

What is a Double?

This is a multiple wager made up of two selections. The two selections must win to gain a return. This is a popular football bet because it forms potential for larger returns. Two selections are made and if the first wins, the possible returns are staked for the second selection. However, you must be keen on betting tips to make a very informed decision as it takes only a loss of single selection to lose the entire possible return. Bets in Double Bet must be on separate events.

Some bookmakers also avail the options of Each Way and to-place only. Double Bet is popular across all the sports with football bet leading the list.

Example: Manchester United to beat Swansea City AND Wayne Rooney to score. United win 2-0 but Rooney doesn’t score either of the goals so you lose this bet.

If Rooney had scored and United had won by any scoreline; you’d have won this bet. The addition of a second condition on your bet makes for improved odds but less chance of success.

What is a Treble?

A treble is multiple bet involving 3 selections. All the selections must win for you to gain a return. The returns from the first selection are rolled over to the second and subsequently, the second returns rolled to the third. If you lose one selection, then the bet will return nothing.

The betting tips for the Treble Bet include; you can achieve relatively larger returns at the expense of the higher risk and bets must be placed from separate events. It is common in football bet.

Three outcomes must all come in for you to win a treble bet and they must all be from separate events.

Example: Manchester United to beat Swansea City AND Arsenal to beat Hull City AND Manchester City to beat Chelsea. United win 2-0, Arsenal win 4-0 and Man City win 1-0 so this bet wins.

If any of the teams you chose to win drew or lost then you would have lost this bet; all the selections must be correct to win on a treble bet.

What is a Trixie?

Trixie bet involves 4 bets: a Treble bet and 3 Double Bets. It may be considered a treble bet with addition to 3Double Bets. The major advantage of this football bet is that return is still generated even with one selection lose; two winning selections are guaranteed to generate return. You can use a trixie calculator for a quick work out on returns. Try to enter different odds and outcomes to find some betting tips that you should couple with some football tips to rip big.

What is a Patent?

Patent Bet is a 3 selection wager encompassing of 7 football bets: 3 Double Bets, 3 Single Bets and a treble. A loss of a single selection can greatly affect the returns of this kind of bet. You may try out betting tips on different results and odds on the Patent Bet calculator to get an indication of possible returns and how they can be influenced by just slight changes. Stake may be stated either as per bet or total amount; if per bet is chosen the total stake will be 7 times the value entered. Any winning choice from the patent can generate a return.

What is a Yankee?

The Yankee Bet is a 4 selection wager which involves 11 bets: 4 trebles, 6 doubles and a 4-fold accumulator.

This is a full cover football bet. For betting tips, people prefer to use the Yankee calculator, before placing a bet and after the outcomes are known. Two or more winning choices guarantee a return from this type of bet.

What is a Canadian?

This usually a football bet based on 5 selections containing of 26 bets: 10 trebles, 10 doubles, 5 four-fold and a five-fold accumulator.

The Canadian Bet is also known as a Super Yankee Bet. All runners have an equal impact to determine the return from the wager. The bet is very complex and may be difficult to predict the effect of a losing runner on the returns. Betting tips may be found in the Canadian Betting Calculator which may be coupled with football tips to enhance the probability of winning.

What is a Heinz?

A Heinz Bet is a 6 selection wager involving 57 football bets: 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 four-folds, 6 five-folds and a 6 fold accumulator. Heinz Bet is a full cover bet that combines all permutation of the 6 selections into a single wager. Each selection has equal effect on returns. A win of 2 selections guarantees return. You must always remember to find betting tips before settling on the Stake you can risk.

What is a Goliath?

A Goliath Bet is a 8 selection wager made up of 247 bets: 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 four – folds, 56 five – folds, 28 six – folds, 8 seven – folds and an 8 fold accumulator. This bet is certainly one of the largest bets available. Only experienced punters can place this bet. Some football tips coupled with betting tips may be potential to generate huge win when you have enough stake to fund all bets. All selections have an equal impact on the return so it doesn’t matter the order in which they are added to the betting slip.

What is a Lucky 15?

The lucky 15 Bet is a 4 selection wager consisting of 15 football bets. They include: 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and a 4 fold accumulator. One or more winning selection guarantee returns.

What is a Lucky 31?

The lucky 31 Bet is a 5 selection bet consisting of 31 football bets including: 5 singles, 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-folds and a 5 fold accumulator. One or more winning selection may guarantee returns.

What is a Lucky 63?

The Lucky 63 Bet is a 6 selection wager consisting of 63 football bets: 6 singles, 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 four-folds, 6 five-folds and a 6 fold accumulator. Similar to a Lucky 31 and a Lucky 15, one or more winning selection may guarantee returns.

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Football Betting Odds Summary For Individual Matches, BETPLANET

Typical Football Betting Odds Explained For Individual Matches

There are three types of Match Betting Markets, there are the “results” markets, the “statistics” markets and the “In-Play” or “Live” betting markets. There are hundreds of sub-markets within these markets, below you will find a select few which are the more popular and easiest for new gamblers to gamble on.

Home / Draw / Away (1 x 2)

This is the easiest and biggest match betting market – you simply choose which team will win – If you think the team that is playing at home will win then you choose “Home(1)” but if you think the Away team will win then you choose “Away(2)”. If you think it will be a draw then you choose “Draw(x)”.

Usually the home team will have shorter odds than the away team and the draw will be slighter lower odds than the away odds – when a top strong “away” team is playing a low weaker “home” team then the odds are usually reversed.

The odds may look like this:

Liverpool 21/20 Draw 5/2 Manchester United 13/5

Arsenal 1/4 Draw 11/2 Swansea 11/1

West Brom 4/1 Draw 11/4 Tottenham 3/4

Correct Score

You can predict the correct score of almost any soccer game you like. So if you think your team will win 1-0 or 10-0 or draw 1-1 or 5-5 or lose 3-1 or 5-4 you can make that bet. Usually, for high scoring predictions they will say 7-0 or higher or 7-1 or higher.

Typically the odds will go from 5/1 up to 100/1 depending on the score you choose.

If you want to bet on correct scores then look out for promotions at websites that will refund your bet if the game finishes 0-0!

*WARNING* Correct score betting only applies for the 90 mins + stoppage time – that is “Full Time” NOT “Extra Time” – it does not include any extra time goals or penalties after the game.

Double Result

Another “result” bet is called the “Double Result” – in this bet you can bet which team will be winning, drawing or losing at half time and what the final result will be.

For example you can bet that it will be a DRAW at half time but Team A will win the game. Or you can bet that Team A will be winning the game at half time but will lose the game.

Liverpool / Liverpool 11/5 (Liverpool winning at half-time and win the game)

Liverpool / Draw 14/1

Liverpool / Manchester United 33/1

Draw / Liverpool 9/2

Draw / Manchester United 15/2

Man U / Man U 9/2

Man U / Draw 14/1

Man U / Liverpool 22/1

Goal Scorer Bets

Like the correct score betting you can also bet on the player to score – there are usually four types of bet in this market:

First to score for his team

The strikers will have shorter odds than the midfielders and the defenders will have longer odds than the midfielders.

The odds may look this:

(England vs Malta World Cup Qualifier)

First Goalscorer 3/1

Anytime Goalscorer 2/7

Last Goalscorer 3/1

First to score for his team 13/5

For a midfielder:

First Goalscorer 10/1

Anytime Goalscorer 15/8

Last Goalscorer 10/1

First to score for his team 9/1

First Goalscorer 20/1

Anytime Goalscorer 4/1

Last Goalscorer 20/1

First to score for his team 18/1

*WARNING* Look out for “Own goals not included” Some bookmakers say that if an own goal is scored then the player who scored the own does not count as a goal scorer of the game.

Statistics Betting

Corners – You can bet on the number of corners there will be in the game. Usually it will be divided into 3 parts:

You can bet on the total number of goals:

Finally there are usually Match “Specials” offered – these are usually very clear and straightforward to understand. Below is a list of some standard “Special” bets for a match:

Both Teams to Score

First goal to be an own goal

Who will keep a clean sheet?

Player to score and get a red card

Any Goalkeeper to score

Live Betting

Finally, with “In-Play” or “Live” betting you can place the above bets while the game is in progress but of course the odds will change regularly. Betting will be suspended when an event happens such as a goal or a sending off.


When you look at a bookmaker’s football betting page at first , you would be surprised at variety of odds for individual matches. Football betting odds can be separated “for match result” , “for score”, “for scorer” , “for cards” , “for corners” and “specials”. Especially , William Hill and Bet365 which are the biggest online bookmakers in the betting industry offers huge markets. They are offering over 50 odds for all matches every day. Furthermore they offers over 100- 150 odds for top european league’s and cup competition’s matches . This means you can bet on various aspect of matches as you want !

We wrote about only the typical odds for beginners at this article. We explained to you about the other odds detail that is more complicated on another pages. For instance , Asian handicap and European handicap etc.

If you are a novice , read this one more time and visit William Hill or Bet365 , open your account and try to bet on some simple odds. It is first step into football betting world !

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Betting Odds Explained

Betting Odds Explained

When you’re looking to place a bet on any sporting event, best bookmakers will publish a set of odds based on how likely a certain set of circumstances are. In a football match for example, if Team A is stronger than Team B, their odds will be short and you won’t receive as much money back if you win.

The concept of odds setting is simple to understand but with online bookies setting up operations right across the globe, it’s also important to grasp the fact that three different styles of prices can be quoted. As a customer, you may be confronted with Fractional, Decimal or American odds but how do they differ?


For many punters, fractional odds may be the ones that they grew up with and their familiarity makes them simple to follow for most of us. Let’s go back to that football match for our example and speculate that Team A is priced at 2/1 to beat Team B. Therefore, if you stake £10 on Team A you stand to receive 2 x your outlay = £20 plus your original stake of £10 making a profit of £20.00 and a return of £30.00 in total.

That’s a simple example but fractional prices can get a little complicated at times. Do you know straight away how much money you could earn if you stake at 17/4 for instance? Fortunately, most bookmakers will calculate your potential winnings before you commit to a stake but fractional can also get confusing when you’re comparing prices with individual outlets.

Is 2/5 better than 8/15? If you’re not a mathematician then you may take some time to find the answer.

Decimal odds have been popular outside of the UK for some time now but British punters are coming round to them because they are arguably the easiest to understand.

Going back to Team A who were quoted at 2/1 under the fractional system and their decimal odds are now 3.00. To calculate your profit, just multiply your stake by 3 but remember that your original outlay is not returned this time.

Decimal odds are also much easier to weigh up when you see them on odds comparison sites to see if your bookie is giving you the best deal. For example, 4.33 and 4.50 are easier to compare with each other than their fractional counterparts.

As you would expect, American odds are popular with the small clutch of US based bookmakers on the net and these may seem complicated at first. Unlike decimal odds, these can either be positive or negative depending on whether a pick is available at odds on or odds against.

As an example, you may see a figure of +200 and if you back at that price, you will receive £20 return for a £10 stake plus your initial outlay is also given back. So effectively, a price of +200 on the American Odds system is the equivalent of 2/1 fractional or 3.00 decimal.

Having studied those options, you may decide you have a particular preference and that’s OK because many bookies give you the choice – certainly between Decimal and Fractional. Overall, they are all fairly easy to follow but the important thing is to make sure you understand your potential returns before committing to a bet.

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Betfred Football Betting Odds Explained, How to Bet on Football

Betfred Football Betting Odds Explained

When it comes to football betting Betfred is one of the best in the business not only do they offer a wide range of markets but also have some of the best coupons, enhanced odds and accumulators bets as well.

Although if like most people new to football betting you think its a minefield and all to confusing then continue reading as we are going to walk you through everything you need to know from the latest coupons to placing your first bet.

Lets sort out how to register and get that all important free bet. To register and open an account with betfred is quick and simple. All you need to do is fill in a very straight forward online form and your ready to start betting. You don’t have to give credit card details or deposit money until such time as you want to place a bet.

Betfred are currently offering a £25 free bet to all new customers but as with all bookies the betfred free bet is matched free bet. This means betfred will match your first bet up to the value of £25. If you place one bet of £20 then betfred will credit your account with a £20 to place another bet.

Betting on football can be as simple or as complicated as you want. Lets take an example of a this weekend Everton v Man Utd. You can Bet on the home team to win (Everton) at 6/4 which means if you place a £10 bet then you win £25. A draw is 23/10 which means you win £33 for the same £10 bet of 2/1 for Man Utd to win pays out £30. The best part about betting with betfred is you don’t have to work all these odds out, just click on the bet you want to make like Everton to win and a little betting slip appears in the top right of your screen. Type in the amount your a thinking of betting and it works out what you will win. If you decide you don’t want to place that bet or change the amount then just click the red cross and start again.

Betting on a win, lose or draw is only the start! Football betting has come a long way and Betfred are one of the market leaders when it comes to fixed odds football betting. Betfred are never short of new and exciting ways to make football betting more fun with bets like double chance and hat-trick heaven. Below we will list and explain how all these great bets and coupons work but if you desperate to get started click any of the Betfred banners and check out the latest Betfred odds.

Betfred Football Odds Click Here for the latest betfred Football Odds. Betfred Football Odds Explained HALF TIME/FULL TIME

Place a Bet on which team you think will winning at half time and at full time. Example: A £10 bet on Arsenal to win is 4/9 (paying £14.44), Arsenal to be drawing at half time and win in full time is 3/1(paying £40). Place a bet on which team will win at half time only. Example: A £10 bet on Arsenal to win is 4/9 (paying £14.44). Arsenal to to winning at half time only £10/11(paying 19.07).


Place a bet on whether you think there will be more than 2 goals scored in any given game. Example: 1/1.5 Over if 2 goals or more are scored you win. If 1 goal is scored you will get half your original stake back. If no goals are scored then you lose. If you think that no goals will be scored in any particular game then you bet 1/1.5 Under. if no goals are scored you win and if 1 goal is scored you get half your stake returned and 2 goals are score then you lose.


If you think a particular game will be won on penalties or Extra time then you can bet on exactly that. Betting on either of these will dramatically increase your odds.


This bet allows you to make 2 bets in one! if you’re not sure on the outcome of a game you can bet on your team to win or draw or either team to win.


This pretty much explains its self only to say by predicting the actual score will dramatically increase your odds. Using the same example as before Arsenal to win 4/9 (pays £14.44) but Arsenal to win 1-0 at 9/2 (pays £55)


Place a bet on both teams to score in any given game regardless of the final result and how many goals. FIRST GOAL SCORER Place a bet on which player you think will score first regardless of the overall result and any other players who score after.

You place a bet on the team you think will win plus a player to score anytime. Using the Champions league final as an example: odds on Real Madrid to win are 10/11 paying £19.09, Real Madrid to win with Gareth Bale to score pays £40 for the same bet.

You place a bet on which team you think will win plus the score and the first or last goalscorer for example: Real Madrid to win 1-0 is 5/1 giving £60 back for a £10 bet, Real Madrid to win 1-0 with Ronaldo to score first is 20/1 paying you £210 for the same bet.


Place a bet on which team you think will be winning at half time and which team will win at full time. This great way to increase your odds without picking an individual scorer. This bet even allows you to bet on a draw for example: Real Madrid to be winning at half time but draw in full time is 14/1 but an outright bet on a draw is only 5/2.


Handicap betting is becoming very popular in football betting. Handicap or Asian handicap as its also know is not as complicated as you might think for example: Real Madrid v Atlético De Madrid if you pick Real Madrid -1 then Real Madrid have to win by at least 2 clear goals for you to win. usually if you team wins by 1 goal must bookmakers will refund your stake. If you pick Real Madrid at + 1 then you win if they win or draw. If Real Madrid lose by 1 goal then your stake will be refunded if they lose by more than 1 goal then you lose. Other football bets which are fairly simple include highest scoring half, Odds or even score, Player to score anytime, Last goalscorer, First player carded, Fisrt player sent off, Highest scoring team pretty much anything you can imagine and thats not including “In Play or Live Betting. It doesn’t end there either Betfred also have some of the best football coupons in the business.

If you place a a correct score bet with Betfred and it ends a 1-1 draw they will refund your stake up to the value of £50.


Select between 3 and 15 games which you think a goal will be scored in the first 30 minutes and if a goal is scored in each of your selection you win. betfred offer 25/1 on a 6 game selection.


Very similar to above only you bet on between 3-15 games which you think a goal will be scored in the last 20 minutes with the same fantastic odds.


Goals Galore is the original and still probably the best of all the football coupons. To play just pick between 3-15 matches off either the long list or bonus list where you think both teams will score. If both teams in all the games you have selected you win and with odds of 9/1 on a four game selection its easy to see why its so popular.


To play either Hat-Trick Heaven or Double Delight pick any player you think will be the first goal scorer in any given game and if he goes on to either score a second or a hat-trick Betfred will either double your first scorer odds or treble them if he scores a hat-trick.

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