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How is the EVE Online currency valued?

eve isk betting

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How is the EVE Online currency valued?

With all the hype about the latest EVE Online war and it "costing" over $300,000 actual USD, I'd like to know how this is calculated?

From what I gather you cannot purchase ISK in the game, and therefore, there should be no real conversion rate from ISK to USD. so where is this figure coming from?

You can buy a PLEX, which means Pilot License EXtension. Those can be bought for real money and then can be traded ingame for the virtual currency ISK. On Activation, a PLEX grants 30 days of playtime.

At the moment, 1 PLEX is about 600.000.000 ISK or 20 USD if bought from CCP.

There is some base to this figure, but it is also reported in a very misleading way in many cases.

First, you can buy ISK with real money, and you can calculate an exchange rate between ISK and USD that way. The way this works in practice is that you can buy a PLEX with real money, and you can sell this PLEX to another player for ingame money, effectively converting real money to ingame money.

The most accurate data on the losses in this battle come from a CCP devblog:

The Economic Impact


According to some PLEX conversions that could equate to approximately $300,000-$330,000 USD.

The part of the quote I want to draw your attention to is the use of "could" here. If you would want to buy that much ISK, you could buy it for

300,000 USD (if the PLEX market can deliver that much at this price), but that doesn't mean that the ships that were lost in the battle were actually paid for in real money.

There are many ways to earn ingame money, and the big alliances that were involved in the game have substantial regular income sources. They own certain moons that produce a significant profit, and they rent out part of their own space to other players in exchange for ISK.

In short, you could buy 11 trillion ISK for around 300,000 USD, but that does not mean that anyone actually paid that much for all the ships that were lost.

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Target Caller: Eve 101: Eve Scams

Target Caller

Welcome to Target Caller, an Eve Online blog dedicated to PvP.

Monday, July 6, 2015 Eve 101: Eve Scams The Recruitment Scam

A good example of this scam can be found (as well as some trolling and helpful comments) on this reddit thread. Essentially, a scammer recruits a member into a corporation, but they can't join the corporation immediately because of ::reasons. But, he's willing to arrange - oh so helpfully! - to move all of the recruit's possessions into their null staging system so the recruit can jump right into fleets. Naturally, the recruit could do this on their own, but that'd be dangerous without the benefit of blue status, right?

The Recruitment Deposit

Often paired with the Recruitment Scam, the Recruitment Deposit is a scam targeting those who are eager to join a corporation, and occur during a fake recruitment process. Members of Goonswarm, in particular, are notorious for this scam, but it's done by members from a wide range of alliances.

The Margin Trading Scam

Eve has a skill called Margin Trading. When this skill is fully trained, a character need only put up about 24% of the cost of market buy order. So, they can put an order in for 1 billion isk, but only have to put 240 million down as collateral to cover the sale. The purpose of this skill is to allow players to over-leverage themselves with buy orders, with the expectation that all of them won't be fulfilled at once.

The Supercap Sale Scam

Being rich is not a cure for foolishness. The Supercap Sale scam is proof of this. Because supercaps cannot dock in stations, they cannot be traded or contracted. They're born in space, they live in space, and they'll die in space. So, when selling a supercap, you need the old owner to eject from it, the new owner to board it, and for the two parties to leave peacefully. In this scam, the buyer and seller come to an agreement, the buyer transfers isk, and. nothing. The seller happily walks off with the isk in hand. The scammer has to own the supercap, the buyer has to see it, and the transfer has to be on the brink of occurring before the seller decides to simply stay in his ship.

The Faction Ship Switch

From time to time, you may come across a person wanting to sell you a ship but, for whatever reason, wanting to trade you the ship for isk. Generally, this person will want to sell you a faction ship. Once you add the isk to the trade window, the scammer will plop the ship in the window and you will complete the transfer. Only later do you realize that instead of a Raven Navy Issue, you received a plain Raven.

The Isk Doubler 10 comments:

Tal thanks for the info and it is a tad late for me. ;)

1. selling an item through the contact, but the price is the item plus isk.

The only scam I fell for so far is handing over a billion isk to an alliance member who was setting up a production line for jump freighters.

Once he collected about 20 billion from alliance members he emptied every wallet he had access to and left.

A common one involving T3 ships is they place the hull and fittings for the ship up on contract at what looks to be a great price. The scam is that instead of actual subsystems (which are expensive) they have placed the skill books for the subsystems in the contract. At a quick glance the skill books look like subsystems.

Killright Scam: Ship has a Bounty of 111,111 ISK but a Killright value of 111,111,111,111 ISK (for example. These ships fly betweeen Amarr and Jita frequently on autopilot, or just sit on gates begging for someone to activate them. The killright is worth much more than the actual ship value.

Sell carbon for Charon and spam the contract in local.

Make a contract for Plex for a reasonable price, like 800m, but include also a plex under "also want items from buyer". The buyer gets 1 plex, pays 800m, and gives out 1 plex.

Offer a contract for two plex for 2.3 billion but the contract is actually 2.3 million.

About the only thing I'd change is the bit about being suspicious of people without roles acting as recruiters. I'm in a very small corp. We have no official recruiters and not many of us have roles, but we all act as recruiters.

Offer 3 Faction Frigs for super low price of 1 mill by linking 3 contracts in a row. The first two contracts are already taken, just the third is still open. You quickly grab it just to realize that the price for this last contract wasn't 1 million but 1 billion.

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EVE Online is the sci-fi multiplayer game, but that’s not easy to describe its genre. So it’s partly strategy, role game and simulator. Developed by the Icelandic CCP Games it was released in 2003 and each time it becomes better after the update. It’s necessary to pay for the monthly subscription.

In a sense, this game is like chess among the MMOG. There’s no right tactics or weapons and for each argument there’s a counterargument. The strongest wins in a war for the territory.

The Universe is really vast and contains more than 7,000 star systems and 60,000 planets. On these great spaces there is a conflict of 4 “races” for users and 1 “race” for the NPCs who keep neutrality :

- The Amarr (the Empire)

- The Caldari State (the State)

- The Gallente (the Federation)

- Minmatar (the Republic)

- The Jovians (the Empire)

This project doesn’t suit the rapid events’ and permanent action’s fans, it requires more hours in front of the monitor. Only to get out the “beginner” status it may take one year! Even the leveling system tells about that. The skills are learned by means of the books, and it takes from one minute to a few months. Simultaneously it’s possible to learn only one thing, but it’s not necessary to be online, the learning continues even offline. There are more than 400 skills. For learning them and leveling to the maximum (5th) level it will take about 18 years! It’s possible to describe this masterpiece as infinitely as huge is its world.

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EVE doesn’t limit the user by choosing any concrete activity, so there are lots of variants. Very important difference from the videogame is the fact that everything is controlled not by the NPC, but by people, and the trade relations including. The prices are set by the people, since the whole market consists of buy and sell among the players. After the fight the ships are destroyed irretrievably which increases the weight of the economy. There is an insurance for ships, but it’s paid too.

Main currencies at EVE Online:

PLEX – analogue of the monthly subscription, which can be exchanged.

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eve isk betting

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