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2018 top high school football prospects - Yahoo Search Results

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Sep 20, 2017 · Recruiting News. Oregon HS football: Top uncommitted 2018 prospects, including 5-star athlete Talanoa Hufanga

Top prospects for 2018 NFL Draft: Quarterbacks rank high on .

The 2018 draft class should be a stronger quarterback class and there are a handful of QBs who could go in the first round.

Hawaii football offered a scholarship to a fifth-grade QB .

College football programs extending scholarship offers to young prospects is nothing new (just ask Lane Kiffin). Still, the lengths which Hawaii appears to have taken .

Dandy Don’s Top Football Prospects in Louisiana - Class of 2018

This list is a work-in-progress and we will continue to refine it as we further evaluate the players and see them in their senior seasons.

Myreon Jones, state's top-ranked 2018 basketball recruit .

Point guard Myreon Jones, the state of Alabama's No. 1 basketball prospect in the Class of 2018, has left Huffman, his Birmingham high school.

St. John Bosco (Calif.) opens season atop Super 25 Computer .

For the second consecutive season, St. John Bosco (Bellflower, Calif.) will open the season atop the Super 25 Computer football rankings. The Braves, who open the .

Recruiting Football Team News, Scout

Premium FB Recruiting Bill Greene Penn State To Have 4-Star Tyreke Smith On Campus This Weekend. Penn State will host one of Ohio's top recruits this weekend for .

McShay's Top 32: Ranking 2018 NFL draft prospects - ESPN

Close. ESPN College Football and NFL Draft Analyst Joined ESPN in 2006 Played quarterback in high school and was a backup QB for the University of Richmond.

preseason top 32 prospects for 2018 NFL draft - ESPN.com

Close. ESPN College Football and NFL Draft Analyst Joined ESPN in 2006 Played quarterback in high school and was a backup QB for the University of Richmond.

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2016 Football Manual Ohsaa Ohio High School Athletic, Download PDF

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Football news and notes: football coaches online rules meeting the online rules interpretation meeting was offered from july 26 through august 31 at 11:59 pm. Wrestling news and notes: may 18, 2016 new potentially dangerous hold identified in high school wrestling: 2016 individual state tournament information.

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2018 Best Public High Schools for Athletes in Ohio

2018 Best High School for Athletes in Ohio About this List

Explore the best public high schools for athletes in your area. Ranking based on student and parent reviews of athletics, student participation in athletics, and the number of sports offered at the school. Compare the best high school sports programs in your area. Read more on how this ranking was calculated.

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William Mason High School
  • Mason City School District, OH
  • 9-12

Alum : William Mason High School is one of the largest in Ohio, and I know it can be easy to get lost and sure, there are A LOT of students there, and it can be hard walking from one end of the school to the other in 5 minutes. But the teachers are mostly supportive and there are so many after school activities to be involved in! The one thing I would definitely change is the homework policy. The teachers get to decide whether or not they check the homework, and personally, to me, if they aren't going to check it and give me a grade for it, I am NOT doing it. They say that in college the professors won't care if you do it or not, but THEY DO CARE. The professors grade homework and they care whether or not you do good in their class (in most cases).

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Olentangy High School
  • Olentangy Local School District, OH
  • 9-12

Senior : In general, I have had a positive experience at Olentangy. Being a large school, there is no excuse to not finding a club, sport, or class that fits a student's interests. On the other hand, the largeness at Olentangy creates issues such as overcrowding in the halls and lunch room, and severe competetiveness in academics and varsity athletics. The school has zero-tolerance policies in place; however, the policies are enforced extremely loosely. The teachers are -- for the most part -- sincere in wanting to help students truly learn and succeed. This has led to students being completely prepared for college. The school pushes very hard to be top-ranked and I feel that sometimes the rank of the school comes at the expense of the student.

The best part of going to Olentangy is the commrodery that is felt during football games. Go Braves!!

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Hilliard Darby High School
  • Hilliard City School District, OH
  • 9-12

Alum : I loved Hilliard Darby! The education is high quality as well as the performance of sports, clubs, and other extracurricular activities. The teachers are very involved with school beyond just the classroom and are very helpful on an individual level. The school offers plenty of educational help for students of all learning types, including an amazing program for children with social and mental disabilities. The social gatherings that we had were exceptional and very well planned and executed. Overall, I really enjoyed my time there. I learned a lot, performed well on tests, quizzes, and in group collaborations and projects. I had an amazing experience as a member of the bands and I absolutely loved attending and watching the sports teams throughout the year. Darby is an amazing, and you should definitely go there, or send your kids there. Go Panthers!

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Solon High School
  • Solon City School District, OH
  • 9-12

Senior : Solon High School is one of the best schools in Ohio, and perhaps the country. We thrive on our academic achievements that are often greater than private schools. The sports teams are some of the best in the state, with multiple teams advancing to state tournaments. The abundance of extracurricular activities makes finding other people who share your passions incredibly easy. The faculty actually cares about their students and commits themselves to making sure all students get a top level education. The only problem with Solon is the building we learn in; the building is old, worn down and doesn't convey the achievements of Solon. With some TLC and a good old-fashioned makeover, Solon High School could become the greatest high school in the country no doubt about it.

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Mentor High School
  • Mentor Exempted Village School District, OH
  • 9-12

Junior : The experience at Mentor High School is amazing if you get yourself involved in anything you can. The teachers are great and care about the students enough to prepare them for life ahead. It's a little difficult with the size when it comes to how many people are in your graduating class, but it has benefits of meeting many different kinds of people. Course load can be heavy, depending on which classes you take, but the variety of classes gives the student's more freedom to choose how they want to learn/experience things in high school. Athletics are just as important as academics (along with rewarding) and we have great programs for both, along with many clubs to give other students opportunities to express their own hobbies. Overall, it is a thrilling high school experience so far.

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Olentangy Liberty High School
  • Olentangy Local School District, OH
  • 9-12

Junior : Olentangy really excels in acedmics. It is a very competitive environment & there are many challenging courses. Liberty offers so many different classes for a wide range of students. The environment the teachers provide are also a good learning environment with a lot of hands on & critical thinking. Another thing Liberty offers are so many different clubs. They do a nice job of providing clubs for everyone's different interest & even give you the option to start your own if you don't have any you are interested in. Another great aspect of Liberty is the sports team. Liberty excels in athletics! It is very competitive & there are also so many fans out to support those sports teams. Overall, my experience at Liberty has been swell & I am glad I get to be a part of this school.

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Dublin Coffman High School
  • Dublin City School District, OH
  • 9-12

High School Sophomore : Academics are amazing throughout the Dublin City school district. At the high school level, they offer regular, honors, AP, and IB classes. Honors is on a 4.5 scale, AP and IB are on a 5.0 scale. AP classes are more traditional and straightforward; students need to be ready to go at a fast pace and memorize a lot of information to spit out on tests. IB on the other hand, slows down and zooms in, it gives you the opportunity to develop your own opinions on subject matter, and assessments are usually essays. The most rigorous path is the IB Diploma Programme where students must take 6 IB classes and participate in lots of testing throughout the year. Most students take a variety of different classes, for my junior year, I'm taking three AP classes and two IB classes based on my varying learning styles in those subjects. Dublin also offers many academies that students can participate in to get a taste on a particular field. Coffman hosts the Engineering academy, otherwise, students must travel to Jerome or Scioto for other academies. For me, the scheduling process can be very stressful because there are too many great classes to choose from, and I always want to compete with my peers. For less motivated students, it's probably not that big of a deal. Classes unique to Coffman include Anatomy and Physiology, where students dissect cats, and we also have a new class called IB Further Math, which is college level math beyond calculus, and throughout the world, there are only 150 students, this year, 15 of them are at Coffman! Another popular class is AP American Studies, which is Honors English II and AP US History in a combined class for two periods. It's my favorite class and I have learned so much about society and human interactions, while developing my writing style.

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Centerville High School
  • Centerville City School District, OH
  • 9-12

Senior : Centerville offers the best of the best in academics and extra curricular activities ranging from sports to performing arts. The teachers and staff care about the students and aren't unnecessarily strict. The CTE programs and encouragement to partake in them are great for setting students up for a future in specific careers. However, there is a lack diversity at the school. The majority of the school looks, thinks, and acts alike. In addition there is a large lack of new technology in the classrooms.

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Hilliard Bradley High School
  • Hilliard City School District, OH
  • 9-12

Junior : I love Bradley as it is a great play to explore your career options, make friends, and enjoy life as a teenager. The staff is amazingly qualified and they work hard to make us all succeed. There are so many sports extra curricular activities that everyone can find the perfect group. Bradley is the newest school building which was built in 2009 and still looks like a palace. Since the building is newer, students find electronics much easier to use than in other schools. The only thing I am striving to change at Bradley are School Dances. I want to make it a appropriate and friendly environment for all student, not just the jocks and drug users. But other than that, Bradley is the most wonderful place in Ohio I think. Go Jags!

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Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School
  • Brecksville-Broadview Heights City School District, OH
  • 9-12

Parent : The Brecksville-Broadview Heights school system offers great opportunities to any student who is willing to work hard and dive into new adventures. The course curriculum offered is vast, to serve interests from the arts to AP Physics and business. Students have endless sports and clubs to join , or can create their own. Whether your interests lie in athletics to music, from debate to robotics, a student only needs to make the choose to become involved. I wish I had the opportunity to attend a High School that offered so many wonderful possibilities!

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Avon Lake High School
  • Avon Lake City School District, OH
  • 9-12

High School Freshman : My experience so far at Avon Lake High School has been amazing. If I could do it all over again, I would not change much about what I have done this year. At Avon Lake High School, there are so many extrs curricular activities to choose from, its hard to decide how to spend my time. At Avon Lake High School, there is a different activity for everyone to do. For many of the kids at my school, they choose to do a sport, which gives them something to look forward to when they go to school. I choose to do clubs at my school such as Key Club. My favorite experiences so far at the Avon Lake High School has been with the Key Club. In March of 2016, the Key Club went down to Columbus for a whole weekend to the Ohio Key Club District Leadership Convention. I made some of the best memories at the District Leadership Convention, and some of my best friends. Another one of my favorite experiences at Avon Lake High School would have to be in my Spanish class. Spanish is for sure not my best subject. However, my teacher makes Spanish much easier to learn, and makes learning fun for all the students. It does not matter your skill level in her classroom, it just matters if you are willing to learn. I have made some of the best memories in her classroom. I have so many other favorite memories at Avon Lake, such as on my sporting teams, such as Cross Country and Basketball, but there are too many to describe in my small paragraph. To conclude, if I had the chance, I would love to relive my experiences at Avon Lake High School.

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New Albany High School
  • New Albany-Plain Local School District, OH
  • 9-12

High School Sophomore : This school surpasses my expectations and has shattered my standards. New Albany is a school that has teachers that are grateful to be there, and students that are mostly grateful as well (there exists a small minority that remains ignorant this and unfortunately seem to label our school as "stuck up"). The academics have been rigorous to say the least, and the amount of homework is unfathomable! Nevertheless, a great education lies at the heart of it all. On another less academic note, the school has a friendly and safe environment. The campus closely resembles a smaller scale of a college campus like Miami and incorporates appealing influences of greek architecture. All in all, it's an honor to attend New Albany and I have had a great time so far.

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Pickerington High School Central
  • Pickerington Local School District, OH
  • 9-12

Senior : I think the best part about Central is the school spirit and the sports. Everyone no matter what grade always comes out to support our athletic teams all year around. Also 8 times out of 10 you get an awesome teacher, which makes coming to school not so bad. The worst part about Central is the food. The food is just so gross and it's the same thing every week. I know a lot of students who don't even eat lunch because of it. If I could do high school all over again at Central I would. When you're there for four years you meet so many awesome people, that come form many cultures. My over all experience is pretty good. I've enjoyed it every much!

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Walnut Hills High School
  • Cincinnati City School District, OH
  • 7-12

Niche User : Walnut exposed me to so many different types of people with different backgrounds-- which definitely prepared me for the real world. Some kids can be really 'uppity' and full of themselves, but that is expected of really smart teenagers! Others are easy to talk to and quite accepting. However there is a huge trend of 'fitting in'/conformity that I hated, but that goes for all high schools really. Generally, you meet some really talented people whether they be really smart, really visual-artsy, really athletic, or really performance-artsy.

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Pickerington High School North
  • Pickerington Local School District, OH
  • 9-12

Senior : With Pickerington High School North, the teachers actually care about your learning. They want you to succeed and will set aside their own time to help you do better. The one thing that could be changed is how the students interact with each other. There are definitive clicks throughout the school based on age, race, and sports. Everyone can get along sometimes but usually there is a problem somewhere.

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Hudson High School
  • Hudson City School District, OH
  • 9-12

High School Senior : I started attending Hudson High School at the beginning of my sophomore year, I was very nervous to attend a large school with high academic as well as athletic expectations for their students. Although Hudson High School seemed to be very intimidating I am very happy to have had the opportunity to attend such a wonderful. The rigorous courses have provided me the opportunity to work to my full potential and has allowed me to participate in academic and athletic extra curricular activities that have pushed me to strive for success as well as network with local business leaders and mentors. Overall I am proud to call myself a Hudson High School Senior. All of my experiences and opportunities gained at my school have prepared me for a successful college career and has provided me the tools and skills that I will be useful throughout my life.

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Dublin Jerome High School
  • Dublin City School District, OH
  • 9-12

Senior : At Dublin Jerome High School, there were a plethora of great things! The teachers were great and the students helped each other out. However, the school did not really prepare us for college.

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Kenston High School
  • Kenston Local School District, OH
  • 9-12

Senior : Kenston High School was a very good experience for me as I ventured to find myself and excel in academics from the time I started going there (middle school) to the end of my high school career. I found that I was very fortunate to be able to come to a school where the teachers genuinely care about what information their students are taking from their class and the knowledge that we acquire when talking about everyday life with these wise adults. The administration and janitorial staff at Kenston are made up of many magnificent, intelligent people--most of whose desires are to help each of their students to excel and succeed. I feel very prepared for college, because even though I felt frustrated at times at the difficulty of some of the material, I realize that I was being taught and challenged by my teachers for the purpose of helping me in the future when I must take even more difficult courses.

The only negative thing about Kenston is our lack of school spirit.

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Brunswick High School
  • Brunswick City School District, OH
  • 9-12

Senior : Brunswick High School is an amazing school, and I'm glad I moved to Brunswick from Cleveland when I was younger. At my high school I have plenty of opportunities for AP classes as well as tutoring if I need help in them. By taking these AP classes, I feel that I've prepared for college well. The counselors help a lot in giving advice and helping with getting into college too. Besides the classes and preparation for college, the school has a lot of extracurricular activities and clubs. With these and all the sports and performing arts events, there is a lot of school spirit and I feel happy in my school.

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Lake High School
  • Lake Local School District (Millbury), OH
  • 8-12

Senior : Lake High School has been a major part of my success. They only hire staff members who are passionate about teaching. My teachers make going to school fun, which makes the days fly by. My teachers tailor to my learning needs, and my medical accommodations. Going to school everyday with a chronic heart condition isn't easy, but Lake makes going worth the hassle!

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Ottawa-Glandorf High School
  • Ottawa-Glandorf Local School District, OH
  • 9-12

Senior : Ottawa-Glandorf is a school that offers many opportunities such as art, biomedical sciences, and construction programs. School spirit is easily found in the atmosphere as we take pride in athletic achievements.

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Jackson High School
  • Jackson Local School District, OH
  • 9-12
Mariemont High School
  • Mariemont City Schools, OH
  • 9-12

High School Freshman : My experience at this school is amazing, the boys are attractive and the girls are all so sweet and kind! Everyone excels at academics and sweetness.

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Hoover High School
  • North Canton City School District, OH
  • 9-12

Niche User : I really enjoyed my time at Hoover. I was incredibly lucky to go to such a great high school. This school is special because of the community. The sense of community is overwhelming. In hard times, families would come together and support each other. I would not change a thing because of all the positive experiences I had. I do not feel like I simply got my education and checked the boxes and went to college. I build relationships, I networked, and I have relationships that will last a lifetime. I would love to have my children in the future attend this school. I think being involved with band really made my experience that much better. It strengthened that sense of community and gave me a family.

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Granville High School
  • Granville Exempted Village School District, OH
  • 9-12

Senior : Great atmosphere, teachers, food, facilities, sports, and supportive students! We are all part of one large blue ace family!

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Explore the best public high schools for athletes in your area. Ranking based on student and parent reviews of athletics, student participation in athletics, and the number of sports offered at the school. Compare the best high school sports programs in your area. Read more on how this ranking was calculated.

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