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Cs Go Wild Biggest Bet

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Cs go jackpot

cs go wild biggest bet

Best CS:GO jackpot site. Everyone puts their skins in the pot and one winner takes it all. It's so simple. See if you …

CS:GO Skins Jackpot | SkinJoker.com

Для мобильных устройств · Best CS:GO jackpot site. Everyone puts their skins in the pot and one winner takes it all. It's so simple. The more you put in, the better …

CSGO ONE Jackpot | The most fair CS GO site

CSGO ONE Jackpot. The most fair CS GO site. Try your luck! UPDATE: Min bet = 0.2$ Min item price 0.01$ | Max deposit 10 items. Round Time 1:30


Service where CS:GO players can try their luck and get awesome skins! Just deposit your skins to the raffle, become a winner and sweep the board!

CS:GO Skins Jackpot | SkinArena.com

Raffle game using CS:GO items as the bet. See if you are getting lucky.

CS:GO Jackpot - Skin & Item Betting

Dear Deer won round #138497 with 49 items, had a winning chance of 4% and made $ 641.05 of profit.


CSGO Jackpot Website CSGODEX.COM. Play and Win amazing skins for your Inventory, Deposit and Start the Game, Counter-Strike Global Offensive Jackpot!

CSGOHunt.com - CS:GO Jackpot / Coinflip

Для мобильных устройств · CSGO Jackpot and Coinflip : Build your dream inventory by winning hundreds of items on CSGOHunt.com and enjoy the thrill …

TeamUp - CSGOchance.com - CSGO Jackpot Site

Bet csgo skins on TeamUp and win free skins

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CS: GO - Sodapoppin betting over 7000$ in CSGOBlackjack, Skyrim советы

CS:GO - Sodapoppin betting over 7000$ in CSGOBlackjack!

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So this is real money Huh

you suck at blackjack.

He should not play Blackjack since it pretty fucking obvious he doesn't know how to. Such a dumbass. Even if half the hands weren't rigged he would lose because he just doesn't have any concept of the game. Gotta love the "im not an addict since i didnt play for a whole week" . yeeeaaaa that totally means your not. Totally. I've seen you play for about 20mins and I could tell in the first 5 that your a total addict. Takes one to know one.

Looks rigged to me. Only play live with card games. Sports betting is the only thing where you can get a "somewhat fair" shake online.

"Are you going to fuck me while I'm at Disneyland?"

Anyone who is dumb enough to play on a private gamble site and think they''ll make any profit at all, kill yourself.

don't care about the money? Maybe you need to get punched in the head then. That might fix it

online bets using software is rigged.real cards > online software.

How long does it take before he realise its rigged xD

I also do csgo blackjackkk videos on my channel and much more, come and say hello :)

Easy come easy go that dye is hideous btw

He looks like such a fag with blonde hair lol. the fuck is this nigga thinking

I dont get it is it real money

And omfg, giving money to an addict?Piss off

7:02 vid: "this is insane"me: no you are insane (lets be real here: "i didnt gamble for a whole week so im not addicted" thats just retarded)

is that actual money you play for on CSGO ?

I cant fckin believe it as i read "CS:GO" Casino. these mafia bastards trying everything they can to make money.. now with stupid counterstrike kids.. this is so sad..Of course stupid kids like soda cant know that programmed casinogames are ALWAYS rigged..

this site is a SCAM -.-

Пацаны,у меня на счёту есть 35 долларов,если я закину на сайт доллар скинами я смогу купить скинов на 36 долларов и вывести?

Whats the most money u guys lost on csgo guys?

this fucking cock sucking queer literally treats his viewers like they are expendable pieces of shit man i hope he loses every dime of his money i fuckin hate this gay ass mother fucker hes such a god dam pussy i am so mad that people like this prick

Soda poppin is addicted to gambling

Your worse than a normal addict. See, most addicts gamble away their own money, homes, and items. You on the other hand, not only do you gamble away the money you make from youtube, but you also gamble away other peoples money that they for some stupid reason gift to you.

Lol who plays online bj? 😂

idk what the fuck is so appealing about this cum stain i fucking hate this cock sucking mother fucker hes such an annoying whiny bitch

love how hes gambling donations

rofl what a faggot hair he has

1:40He was getting scammed on his blackjack wins. Blackjack pays 3 to 2 so if he was betting $1,000 he was supposed to be getting $1500. They paid him $1,250

he's so bad at blackjack 😂

You stand with a 15 vs. a 7? Nice play buddy. Might as well double down like Mike would do if you're gonna piss away your money.

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