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College Football Week 7 Picks Predictions

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NCB College Pick’em Predictions – Week 7, No Coast Bias

NCB College Pick’em Predictions – Week 7

Yep. The Wisconsin/Purdue game will decide the Leaders Division winner.

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

After week 6, the top of the standings had it’s first change since the season started. Derek falls from 1st to 3rd, Lisa jumps up to 2nd place and Brian takes over the top spot.

Week 7 is the first week without any bonus picks so everyone is picking winners of five games.

As a reminder, the staff member with the most points at the end of the season will be crowned the NCB CFB Pick’em Champion. Championship belt and all. Be sure to follow along all season long and feel free to voice your opinions in the comments section and our Facebook Fan Page.

Here are the Pick’em games for Week 7:

  1. (6)Kansas St. vs @Iowa St. Sat – 10/13 10:00am
  2. @(13)Oklahoma vs (15)Texas Sat – 10/13 10:00am
  3. @Purdue vs Wisconsin Sat – 10/13 10:00am
  4. @(7)Notre Dame vs (17)Stanford Sat – 10/13 01:30pm
  5. @(9)LSU vs (3)South Carolina Sat – 10/13 06:00pm

  1. Cyclones – Paul Rhodes’ bunch matches up well to K-State’s ground-and-pound attack. Farmageddon ensues.
  2. Boomer Sooner – The Longhorn D gets torched once again. Or should I say “fried” given the surroundings?
  3. Boiler Up – This game will be a vintage B1G game. U-G-L-Y. Purdue forces just enough TO’s to pull this one off and be in the driver’s seat to Indy.
  4. Stanford – “Luck” is the theme here. Andrew’s not around but I think the Irish D’s luck finally runs out as the Cardinal match ND’s physicality.
  5. LSU – The Cocks come down from their high and LSU rebounds in a very, very physical game. I smell a trick play from The Hat.

Nate –

  1. Kansas State-Barnyard brawl ends with a K-State win.
  2. Oklahoma-Big boomer at home.
  3. Purdue-cheese goes bad.
  4. Notre Dame-Domers roll.
  5. LSU-Tigers pull off the upset.

Greg –

  1. Iowa St: Time for KSU to taste defeat and Paul Rhodes can coach em up.
  2. Texas: Just going with my gut here.
  3. Wisconsin: Can’t believe I am saying this but I think the Badgers get the upset.
  4. Stanford: This one will be good old fashion hard hitting football. Stanford makes it ugly and squeezes one out.
  5. LSU-I like them to get a bounceback win and bring the Gamecocks back to earth.

Edge –

  1. K-State – scores the least amount points as a team all season, but scores enough to pull the W.
  2. OU – I could care less about this game as long as someone loses. The letter O precedes the Letter T soooo…
  3. Purdue – Boilermakers shock the world, and by world I mean Madison, WI
  4. ND – Pac12 shows how overrated they are once again
  5. S. Carolina – The ‘Cocks D is solid (HA!)


  1. K-State – Most of my colleagues are picking Iowa State, and I love Paul Rhodes, but I’ll take the chalk, K-state.
  2. Oklahoma – Landry Jones will have a good game and although Texas likes to think that West Va loss didn’t hurt, it did, and so will this one.
  3. Purdue – Maybe its more my desire to see Wisconsin lose, but the Boilers bounce back from the Michigan drubbing.
  4. Notre Dame – Irish eyes continue to smile over this magical season.
  5. LSU at home over an over-confident South Carolina team. They don’t all come as easy as last week did.

Lisa –

  1. Kansas State – At least one team in Kansas is good.
  2. Oklahoma – Let them win at home this week so that the Irish can crush them next week!
  3. Purdue – Boilermakers roll over the Badgers
  4. Notre Dame – Here Come the Irish!
  5. South Carolina – LSU’s dominance is over

Carmen –

  1. K-State- I learned my lesson the first time.
  2. Texas- Don’t make me look bad Mack.
  3. Purdue- Wisco will not amount to anything this season post-Russell Wilson
  4. Stanford- Hey, I’m a Pac-12 girl.
  5. Gamecocks- Not like they are going up against a Top 10 team. Wait.. they are? Awkward.

Brandon –

  1. Iowa State – Adios Cinderella.
  2. Texas – It’s a coin flip, but Texas seems more consistent at this stage.
  3. Purdue – Yes folks, the Boilermakers will be repping the Leaders division in Indianapolis.
  4. Notre Dame – Stanford’s just a mess right now and Notre Dame’s playing good football.
  5. LSU – Welcome to Death Valley at night.

Here are the current standings after Week 6:

1. Brian (20 points)

3. Derek, Nate and Edge (18 points each)

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