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Three Of The Most Important Matched Betting Tools - Matched Betting Sites

Three Of The Most Important Matched Betting Tools

Matched betting is becoming easier due to the advanced matched betting tools that are available. Each MB service has it’s own take on the different gadgets and mechanisms that enable you to make money online. We’re going to take a look at what we consider to be the three most important implements for your matched betting needs.

Matched Betting Calculator

The first requisite of any matched betting site, is a user-friendly calculator to simplify any complex working out. A matched betting calculator is used to work out ideal lay stakes, typically by entering a back stake and the currently available odds at both bookmaker and exchange. You will then be shown a suggested lay stake, enabling you to get the best possible match. Time is money when playing multiple bookmaker promotions, so having your ideal lay stakes calculated in an instant allows you to focus on working through the offers at pace.

Odds Matching Software

If you had to manually seek a match for every single offer, matched betting would be very time consuming and laborious. Thankfully, the best matched betting sites have odds matching software for a number of bookmakers that do this for you. In most cases, the oddsmatcher will allow you to filter results to present suitable matches for the offer and bet you intend to place.

Accumulator Tool

Acca insurance offers are not only a good money spinner but actually help to protect your account. Betting on accumulators helps you to look like a mug punter and lessens the risk of being gubbed. With this in mind, a good accumulator tool comes in handy for making the most of acca bets.

Profit Accumulator has Acca Catcher, MatchedBets has Acca Backer and you can read about Acca Finder in our OddsMonkey Review . Each of these acca tools has strengths and weaknesses and deciding which one to use will likely come down to the technique you employ. Whether using lock-in, lay sequential, lay at start or no lay, having recommended accas takes much of the effort out of playing accumulator offers.

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Accumulator - Acca Guide, Introduction, Matched Betting Mum

Matched Betting Mum


Once you start matched betting, it won’t take long to find references to accumulators or, as they’re most commonly referred to, accas. And they can be quite alluring…a certain way to make around an extra £500 per month for many people who do matched betting!

Accumulators are an essential part of my matched betting earnings

This is an advanced matched betting technique. So I wouldn’t recommend starting these until you complete most of the introductory offers. And, even then, the biggest two pieces of advice I can give are to take it slowly and make sure you use the masses of training and tools Profit Accumulator has to help.


Put simply, an accumulator is a type of bet where you bet on at least two different events. You might hear them referred to as a 4-fold or 5-fold bets as well. This simply refers to the number of different events you bet on. The odds for each event are multiplied together. You only win the bet if all of your selections win.

Accumulators can be placed on any type of sporting events but football accumulators tend to be the most lucrative for matched bettors.

A plus point in placing these types of bets is that love they will look very favourable on your bookmaker accounts. This will help you avoid any dreaded gubbings which prevent you taking advantage of future offers.


Most bookmakers will offer a refund if only one leg from an accumulator loses. These offers are mainly associated with the major European football leagues. But there are also offers for other sporting events, such as tennis and american sports.

You can make a profit by choosing matches taking place at different times, and laying off each leg of the accumulator sequentially as it progresses. You make money in the hope that one leg will lose and you receive a free bet. There is of course no guarantee that there will only be one loser. This means accumulator offers can be more risky than most matched betting offers. If there are no losers or more than one loser, then you will lose your qualifying loss.

For the risk averse, you can choose to lock in a profit on each accumulator instead. In my experience, this will normally return between 10-20% of the value of the bet you place. So, although you don’t get the larger amounts from free bets, this mitigates any losses and you will always make money.

And more experienced matched bettors will often underlay some of the legs to up their overall profit. However, this is only for very experienced people and is very risky (you could end up losing more money with this approach).


The secret to making money from accumulators is volume…you can always have several accumulators running at the same time. So the money you make from them can add up very quickly.

Clearly, there won’t be only one loser every time you place an accumulator. The amount you can make from locking in profit also seems quite minimal (for example, £5 from a £25 qualifying bet). However, the secret to making money from accumulators is volume.

With so many matches and leagues available to bet on, and so many bookmakers offering refunds, you can always have several accumulators running at the same time. So the money you make from them adds up very quickly. Most experienced matched betters make a significant chunk of their monthly income this way.


It can be a little daunting and confusing when you first start completing accumulator offers. This is one of the many reasons I recommend joining a matched betting site like Profit Accumulator.

As with all the other offers listed on their site, Profit Accumulator has comprehensive training available about accumulators. In addition to a thorough video, there is a lot of written guidance and a dedicated section of the forum to discuss any queries you may have.

In addition, Profit Accumulator has industry-leading software to help you find these bets and makes all of the required calculations. This software – Acca Catcher – is included in both the monthly and annual membership packages for Profit Accumulator. It searches through thousands of different combinations of accumulators to show you which offer the best value. It sets out how much money you are likely to make using the different methods available and will also automatically calculate how much each lay bet needs to be. This software really does make very light work of finding and placing accumulator bets. This is particularly important since volume is key when it comes to making more serious amounts of money from these offers.

If you’re not a Profit Accumulator member, don’t worry! You can still get access to Acca Catcher for £15.99 per month. This is ideal for someone who searches for most matched betting offers themselves, but would benefit from the speed at which Acca Catcher finds matches for these more complicated types of bets.


Accumulators are an essential part of my matched betting earnings, netting me about £100 per month. You can see the breakdown of my monthly matched betting earnings in my diary series.

If you want to earn around £500 per month from these types of bets alone then you will need some time to dedicate to this. The reason my earnings are lower is because I am not always available at the weekends to lay off different stages. And I find I am more likely to make mistakes – and lose money – if I try and do these types of bets while I’m out and about.

Those earning around £500 per month will often place around 10-15 accumulator bets per week. In comparison, I’m lucky if I’m able to place about 10 accumulator bets every month! So, while I’d recommend you getting involved in these types of reload offers, you need to be aware you will need additional time to make and monitor all of these types of bets.

If you’re interested in placing accumulators to top up your matched betting income then here are my top tips to help you get started:

  • Do a few dummy runs first of all. As there is a break from the football season at the moment, this is the perfect time to try out a few mock accumulator bets. Acca Catcher will still find some suitable bets (although as they are obscure teams and leagues I wouldn’t recommend doing any accas at the moment). Check the progress of each stage and pretend to lay the bets off, updating the information as the acca progresses. This will give you a good idea about what is involved and the amount of money you might be able to make.
  • Take it slowly at first. Start with just one accumulator and build up your stakes slowly for each bookmaker you plan to use. For example, the maximum refund that William Hill offers is £50. However, if you suddenly start placing lots of £50 accumulators, this is likely to flag your account. So start by placing £20 bets, slowly building up to the higher amounts.
  • Make sure you have sufficient money in your betting exchange accounts to cover the lay bets you need to make. Acca Catcher will show you the liability required for each stage of the accumulator.


Although I have made good amounts of profit from accumulators, I have also been stung. Avoid these common pitfalls:

  • Make sure you leave enough time between each leg of an accumulator to place your lay bets. I would avoid placing any bets where there is less than 2 hours between each game.
  • Make sure you are available to lay off each bet. When you’re out and about it is much more tricky trying to check the amounts and place each lay bet. I now avoid placing these bets if they involve me being away from the laptop or a reliable internet connection.
  • Remember to lay off each leg. This may sound obvious but this is one of the most common mistakes that I’ve made. I use the calendar on my phone to remind me to lay off each stage.
  • Be aware that the lay odds may drift. Most commonly, the lay odds will be lower than when you initially placed the accumulator. However, they can also drift the other way, which will hit your profit. While you can’t prevent this,
  • Try and avoid betting on too many favourite teams playing away from home as part of your accumulator. I’m no football expert but, from my experience, this is when they are more likely to lose.

In conclusion, accumulators are a great way of topping up your matched betting income every month. It’s taken me a while to find my feet but, now that I have, they are a core part of my monthly earnings. I am limited by the fact I don’t have a lot of time to find and place these bets. However, now that I have built up my experience, I plan to be bolder and up my income by placing more of these types of bets as soon as the new football season starts.

Footy Accas and Sports Arbitrage

Chapter 5 : Footy Accas and Sports Arbitrage

Could footy accas be the solution to a dry month of matched betting?

Well, after completing a lot of the sign up offers and also being gubbed from a few bookies, I've noticed 2 main things recently from reading a lot of the matched betting communities out there:

  1. There are a heck of a lot of gubbings going on
  2. There are very few decent offers around at the moment

A lot of people have put this down to a post-Cheltenham clear-out, but a lot of people are also saying that matched betting is dead and is nothing like it used to be. To be honest I'm finding it all a bit more time consuming than I would have hoped, and even though there is money to be made out there, you still need to put a lot of hours in.

Claims of people making ВЈ500 - ВЈ1000 per month, are now looking to look at little exaggerated to me, unless of course, you are spending hours in front of your computer trying to squeeze every penny out of every offer available.

With this in mind, this month I thought I'd take a look at a couple of other options where people have been claiming big winnings as well:

Accumulator Generator

If you don't know, the basic concept of an Accumulator or footy acca as it is commonly known, is that you place a bet on a series of events happening, and if they all win, then you receive a multiple of all of the odds combined and usually make a big profit if it comes off.

However, if any of the legs of your accumulator loses, then you lose all of the bet. Typically footy accas are anywhere between 3 to 6 legs (matches), and obviously the more legs there are the more you can win, and the easier it is to lose.

Most bookmakers now offer something called 'Acca Insurance', which means that if one of your legs loses, you would be entitled to a refund of your initial stake, which is where a matched bettors radar starts flashing.

Bookies love Accumulators, because they always have an edge over the punter and most of the time the bet will end up losing. Basically, the table is weighted even more in the bookies favour for Accumulators than on single bets.

However, Accumulator Generator is a bit of software that scans the different bookmaker's offers out there and provides a combination of matches, where you are likely to make a profit, by taking advantage of the Acca Insurance refunds.

In the screenshot below, you can see a list of all of the footy Accas that were available on a certain date, and in the 'EV' column you can see the estimated value of the Acca. This shows you how much you would make from placing a ВЈ50 bet on the Acca, but generally you're looking at a ВЈ10 return for every ВЈ50 spent.

The idea is pretty simple. put an Acca on with the bookmaker, then just lay off each of the legs of your bet after each match finishes.

There is a screen in Acccumulator Generatoп»їr dedicated to each Acca that you put on, as you can see below, and the system is also clever enough to give you reminders of when you need to put your next bet on.

After each match finishes, you put in the result, and then add in the lay odds of the next leg in the sequence and the Accumulator Generator software will automatically provide you with the lay stake required.

There are a number of different tactics that you can use but the easiest is back, lay and hope technique. This is where you put the selection on at the bookies, then you lay one match at a time, and stop laying as soon as you have lost one match.

• If you win all of your matches in the accumulator then you will make a small loss

• If you lose more than 2 legs in the accumulator you will make a small loss

• If you lose only 1 leg, then you will qualify for the Acca insurance and this is where you make the profit.

What Does Accumulator Generator Cost?

At the time of writing the cost is ВЈ148.99 + VAT, or you can sign up to a ВЈ1 trial for 14 days

Is Accumulator Generator worth the Money?

I used Accumulator Generator for a 30 day trial period, and came to the following conclusions:


Most of the techniques used by Accumulator Generator, mean that you have to wait until the match has finished to place your lay bet. Games can be finishing at any time of day or night, as a lot of the matches will be in different locations around the world. What this means is that you constantly need to be aware of when your next match is finishing, because if you don't lay one of your legs you can ruin your accumulator.

For some people this may be fine, but for me I found that this ended up affecting my free time, and meaning I always wanted to be near to a computer so I could place the lay bets easily and ensure I had internet connection. I can see that if you had a lot of Accas on all at once and you dedicated a weekend to this, then it may be worth it, but overall I found this a bit of an inconvenience


Now, I don't know if this was just a result of the post Cheltenham gub-a-thon from the bookmakers, but every day I was hearing about people losing their accounts (primarily William Hill) after they had been using Accumulator Generator.

It seems pretty obvious to me that this would happen. If there are lots of people putting bets on the same random matches then this is going to send signals to the bookies, that something is a bit fishy, and I'm pretty sure that any matches that the Accumulator Generator was throwing up, would bring up some kind of flag at the bookmakers HQ.

There do seem to be a lot of people that have signed up to Accumulator Generator so I fear that it has just become a victim of its own success and now is a quickfire way to get a gubbing.


I think again, the golden rule with Accumulator Generator is not to overuse it and you will probably be ok.

If you stay away from the highest Estimated Value footy accumulators, don't always bet the maximum stake, only play a few accas a week and don't bet on really obscure games, then you're less likely to get flagged up.

I can see that the temptation would be to put loads of multiple Accas on with different bookies each day, and the individual profits would start to add up, but in my opinion you're probably going to lose your accounts pretty soon, unless you've had your account for a long time with a track history of betting on Accas.

Sports Arbitrage

Whilst we're in this dry patch of matched betting, with lots of gubbings going on and not a lot of offers that were particularly appealing, I decided to branch out and try my hand at Sports Arbitrage.

To be honest, I just fell into this more by accident and out of boredom than anything else.

For those of you who don't know much about this either, the principle of sports arbitrage or 'arbing' is pretty simple:

Place a bet at one bookmaker for certain odds

Lay the bet on a betting exchange at lower odds.

I was just checking out some odds on because I needed to use up one of my free bets, when I noticed there were a lot of bets that had ratings of around 110% , like in the example below:

I'd never looked at the highest rated bets too much previously because I was guessing that if you place too many bets with these high ratings, you're likely to get your account flagged.

However, as I'd recently been gubbed by the likes of Paddy Power, Bet Victor, Stan James and Coral, I thought there is no harm in placing a few bets on these accounts.

Depending on the size of the arb I thought this could bring in a few useful extra quid, as using the oddsmatcher software they were quite easy to find and put on although didn't bring in groundbreaking returns as you can see in the example below:

Can you make money from Arbitrage betting?

Well, in my brief foray into sports arbitrage this month, I would say that there definitely is money to be made from this, however, you need to consider the following items:


I was using the free version of MBassist or Oddsmonkey as it is now, which refreshes its odds every 30 minutes. Unless you are using some kind of paid software, which updates as soon as an arb is found, then in a lot of the cases, by the time you get to put the bet on, the odds in the exchange have changed and there is no longer an arb available.


So, my little experiment was going along swimmingly well, until one of the bookmakers (Stan James) started limiting my stakes. In fact they limited them so much that it was pretty much impossible to put a bet on any more.


Yes, the bookies are actually quite clever, and anywhere they notice they may have a disadvantage, then sooner rather than later they will catch on to you an close your accounts.

From what I have read, the same can be true for arbs.I'm not 100% sure how they find out, but I imagine that most bookies are aware of when an arb is taken, so if they see this behaviour repeatedly on your account, or a flurry of bets at a certain time, then they are likely to either limit your stakes or close your account.

I'd only recommend doing this occasionally and spread out across your various bookmaker's accounts, and definitely don't overdo this on accounts you want to keep.

However, if you've been gubbed already, then you may as well make the most of it and take them for every penny you can get.

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The ironic thing for me is that since I’ve been matched betting, the accumulators I’ve been placing have been winning all legs (I’ve only received one refund so far!) With William Hill, that’s not a bad thing because they pay 10% bonus on winnings for 6-leg accas but of course, matched betting winnings are tiny compared to ‘what you could have won’ just from gambling on accas! I’ve yet to place a ВЈ50 acca so keeping things small and hopefully, ungubbed!

I use too accumulator methods and have made more from using the method you have described, ie laying each leg – I do have to make sure the matches take place when I can actually lay the bet and having several accas on the go can be quite stressful!

As a member of Profit Accumulator, I also have access to a ‘Lay All Calculator’, where you place your accumulator and then lay all the legs off in one go. This method requires really tight and low odds (of less than 1.20, maybe the odd 1.25) but means that you can have matches overlapping or happening at the same time, plus you don’t have to worry about missing off laying off any legs. I’ve had mixed success with this one, but I’ve only tried a few so far.

I’ve done a few arbs recently but don’t want to make a habit of it.

Ha Weenie, I think you should give up matched betting and be a tipster instead. Have you been using Accumulator Generator to find your accas or have you been doing that manually? Sounds like you should use the ‘Advantage Play’ mode that they recommend in Accumulator Generator, where you don’t lay any bets.

Instead they provide suggested accas that have the best odds selected for you, which means you have more chance of winning. The strategy here is just to keep on adding accas and over a period of time you usually come out on top.

As for arbs, I think you are right to tread carefully as Big Brother is watching you.

I don’t use Accumulator Generator – either I check the forum to see if anyone else has posted any close matches or I find my own manually. The latter is more time consuming as you can imagine but if I don’t find any quickly, then I don’t do them.

As for being a tipster, I dread to think of how much I lost over the years during my mug-betting days!

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