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Перевод текста песни Timeless Miracle - Curse of the Werewolf, текст песни Curse of the Werewolf исполнитель Ti

Перевод песни Timeless Miracle - Curse of the Werewolf Текст песни Curse of the Werewolf

Curse of the Werewolf

The full moon is rising over the moor

And I know it will come back to haunt me again

It is reaching for me now

It's a primal rage building up in me

Cannot stop it to break free

To kill and eat is my destiny

Just when I thought that I had found my place in life

The full moon fever strikes again

I am the blazing full moon

Bloodline deceiver I gaze from above

I bring the madness that makes your blood boil

Hearts set aflame by the spell of the full moon

A circle of fire that burns in the night

Cannot be stopped it's the curse of werewolf

A child of the night that howl to the moon

Is trying to break free

I feel the wolf inside of me

No more a man I am the beast is in control

The reign of terror have begun

I am the blazing full moon

Bloodline deceiver I gaze from above

I bring the madness that makes your blood boil

The gypsy girl is laughing she's dancing in the dark

Will this all be forever or will I one day be set free

I am the blazing full moon

Bloodline deceiver I gaze from above

I bring the madness that makes your blood boil

Hear the calling of the blood inside of you

In the rain my flesh is changing turning back to what I was

Перевод песни Curse of the Werewolf

Над болотом поднимается полная луна

И я знаю, что она снова не даст мне покоя.

Во мне вскипает первобытная ярость,

И я не могу ее сдержать.

Моя судьба - убивать и есть.

Только я подумал, что нашел свое место в жизни,

Как снова лихорадит меня от полной луны.

Пылающая во мне луна.

Свысока я смотрю, как прерывается род,

Я свожу вас с ума, заставляя кровь кипеть.

Сердца горят под магией луны,

Огненного круга, что горит в ночи.

Невозможность остановиться - вот проклятье оборотня,

Дитя ночи, воющего на луну.

Пытается выбраться наружу.

Я чувствую волка внутри себя.

Больше не человек, я неуправляемое чудовище,

Царство ужаса настало.

Пылающая во мне луна

Свысока я смотрю, как прерывается род,

Я свожу вас с ума, заставляя кровь кипеть.

Лживая девчонка хохочет, она танцует во тьме.

Или это навсегда, или однажды я стану свободным!

Пылающая во мне луна

Свысока я смотрю, как прерывается род,

Я свожу вас с ума, заставляя кровь кипеть.

Услышь зов крови внутри себя,

Под дождем плоть моя возвращает вид того, кем я до этого был..

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    Bones Lyrics - The Curse Of The Ghost

    "The Curse Of The Ghost" lyrics Bones Lyrics

    No I don't br-bring no business, I just s-say what I'm thinking

    While you straight flip for some digits, bitch I stay right here up in it

    I'm at a sector you can't reach, 'less you been bor-born up in it

    We-we be on the natives, talk they can't understand us

    The dialect run much deeper than geography planet

    Do not think that they get it, matter of fact I'm for certain

    Show no respect for the planet, they look confused when it hurts you

    Know I keep that 42 on me like my name's Jackie Robinson

    Know I keep my composure real calm, but deep inside it's apocalypse

    Anytime, any day, you just gotta let me know

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    Anytime, any day, you just gotta let me know

    Any shade on the sun dial, SESH ready to go

    I'ma shut your eyes, I-I'ma send you off right

    And the curse of the ghost, I carry it 'til I lay

    Throw some trash in my grave just to prove it's the same

    Twisting in space, do you choose to complain

    'Bout the littlest minuscule shit, you stuck on that middle school shit

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    Curse of the Assassin в Steam

    Купить Curse of the Assassin

    “Like the previous entries in the series, this release doesn't really put a foot wrong, and serves as a fine tribute to the classic dice-and-pencil quests we used to know and love during our misspent youths.”

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    Curse of the Forsaken v2

    Curse of the Forsaken v2.1

    Rise of the Blood Elves - Enchanted Edition, I decided to update Curse of the Forsaken as well,

    though the Hallowed Edition update is not that big. Most maps remained the same,

    with only updates to things such as terrain, AI and similar. The biggest change is in the story and

    the Forsaken techtree. Even though the update isn't that huge, it still made it feel

    like a new and refreshing campaign.

    Sylvanas Windrunner was now free to focus on the one thing that mattered to her the most: revenge against the Lich King.

    However, her plans were delayed as the Forsaken had no allies and were also attacked by the Scarlet Crusade,

    a religious faction dedicated to the eradication of the undead.

    to find them in the Horde and warchief Thrall. They forged an alliance of convenience which in the end benefited both sides.

    and Varian Wrynn. However, there is still one person who considers Sylvanas a possible ally, and is trying to ensure both

    sides work together in these dark times.

    - Basic idea of the storyline based on World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, but it has some

    of my original elements.

    - A big cast of characters from all sides. Everyone are important to the story.

    - New Forsaken race, while using a couple of familiar undead units, its real power are the new

    undead units and its new technologies.

    - An exciting storyline full of twists - betrayal, distrust, even love, and more.

    - Custom models, icons, skins, music and voices from World of Warcraft in some maps.

    faction. In life, Sylvanas was the ranger-general of Silvermoon and bravely defended her home against the

    Undead Scourge in the Third War. She was murdered by Arthas Menethil who then raised her into undeath

    as punishment. Sylvanas and other undead broke free and vowed to see Arthas dead.

    to conquer Azeroth with his undead hordes and is the most hated enemy of Sylvanas Windrunner. The Lich

    King is an incredibly powerful individual, wielding the power to bend the will of thousands of undead to his.

    Sylvanas does not trust Varimathras, but believes he is her willing servant. He holds quite the power in

    the Forsaken community, but what are his true intentions?

    of various toxins and elixirs. In life, Phaelynne was a country girl, living a simple life even though she aspired

    for a life where she could use her intellgience in better ways. She was brutally murdered in the Third War

    and raised as an undead, and recently joined the Forsaken.

    of the Alliance. She is a childhood friend and an old romance of Arthas Menethil. Though she tries her best to

    advocate peace between the Horde and the Alliance, as she is a friend of the Horde warchief Thrall, it is clear

    where Jaina's loyalties lies. She holds great magical power at her disposal as well.

    committed to protecting the Alliance and is well known for his tenacity and fierce will. He is distrustful of

    the Horde, but is able to put their differences aside when there are greater things at stake.

    Rhonin, leader of the Kirin Tor. She herself leads a group of high elves in Dalaran known as the Silver

    Covenant. She appears to hold some resentment towards the blood elves and the Horde, but still

    considers Sylvanas her sister and is one of few people alive who might still trust her.

    Vrykul models by Sellenisko

    Forsaken buildings and worker by Ujimasa Hoso

    Wretched units by Ujimasa Hoso

    Blood elf Buildings by SinisterX

    Alexstrazsa by 67chrome, Sellenisko

    Arthas by Kwaliti

    Lich King by Kwaliti

    Inferno Knight by Tarrasque

    Baron Dark/Iceclaw by Fan & xXm0RpH3usXx

    Val'kyr models by Sellenisko

    Campaign menu by Sellenisko

    Dullahan Omega by -Grendel

    Fir by Fingolfin

    Hero Drider by Garfield

    OrbOfFire by UgoUgo

    Garrosh by takakenji

    HeroGlow by assasin_lord

    The Grim Reaper by The Grim Reaper

    Banisher by -Grendel

    Demoness by Gottfrei

    Castle Tower by Tranquil

    Hero Dark Kael by Sephiroth_VII

    Nathrezim Sage by Vermillion Edict

    Mortis by Gottfrei

    ObsidianRuneblade by Blood Raven & Revilo

    Queensland Shield by I3lackDeath

    UndeadBloodElf by ironmaiden

    Blizzard Eruption by JetFangInferno

    Frost Nova by Daelin

    Frozen Shell by Daelin

    HarvestLife by Power

    InquisitorMalendis by Sellenisko

    UndeadMissleGreen by Power

    PeeKay's PunishMissle Model by PeeKay

    Sir Valiant by CloudWolf

    SnowPine by Gottfrei

    Projectiles by sPy

    SwordOfKingVarianWrynn by paladinjst

    WaterElemental by alfredx_sotn

    Shadow Bolt by Champara Bros

    SoulArmor by JesusHipster

    Mist Aura by Pyritie

    SC2ForceField_ByEpsilon by epsilon

    ProteaSapiens by Daenar7

    Sorceress by chr2

    BloodElfSentry by 67Chrome

    Gilneas Buildings by CloudWolf

    DarkChampion by 67chrome

    DarkElfArcher by Juice_F

    DarkSylvanas by 67chrome

    DarkwingBat by 67chrome

    Scarlet Crusader by CloudWolf

    GilneasFarm.BLP by Raelith

    Herod, the Scarlet Champion by Blood Raven

    Turalyon by CloudWolf

    ReturnedArcher by 67chrome

    ReturnedCaptain by 67chrome

    ReturnedMage by 67chrome

    Rilrae Thraele by shiiK

    ScarletCrusader by 67chrome

    BTNAcid2 by bigapple90

    BTNAdept by PeeKay

    BTNUnguentv2 by 4eNNightmare

    BTNRubyAmulet by PeeKay

    BTNSkullSpirits by -BerZeKeR-

    BTNSapphireAmulet by PeeKay

    BTNGarroshHellscream by FrIkY

    BTNBlackWidow by Dan van Ohllus

    BTNDarkElfWitch by chr2

    BTNOrbPain by Big Dub

    BTNFerealInstinct by PeeKay

    BTNAlexstraszaIcon by 67chrome

    BTNANTIDOTEVIAL by blahson256

    BTNArcaneBlast by Darkfang

    BTNBatby67chrome by 67chrome




    BTNCWScarletCrusader by CloudWolf

    BTNCWValiant by CloudWolf

    BTNDarkChampion by 67chrome

    BTNDarkSylvanas by 67chrome

    BTNDeathguard by 67chrome

    BTNDKPotM2 by zadelim

    BTNHeroDullahanOmega by -Grendel

    BTNLevelQQDSJaina by 67chrome

    BTNLichKing by kwaliti

    BTNLifeIntoMana by PeeKay

    BTNNoxiousFumes by Lelling

    BTNOrbOfChill by JollyD

    BTNPCosmicBolt by Svenski

    BTNPoison by PeeKay

    BTNPoisonBlast by Elainiel

    BTNPoisonBow by Army-of-Pandas

    BTNPoisonNails by Elainiel

    BTNRilraeThraele by shiiK

    BTNScarletCrusader by 67chrome

    BTNSoulRune by PeeKay

    BTNSylvanas by 67chrome

    BTNWeaver by PeeKay

    BTNWeb2Spiderless by Golden-Drake

    BTNWorgenHero by NFWar

    BTNANANatureReviveExplosion by Anachron



    BTNCWTuralyon by CloudWolf

    BTNDeadCoil by Mr.Goblin

    BTNDeathCoil by -BerZeKeR-

    BTNDeathPulse by -BerZeKeR-

    BTNFireSwordRed by 67chrome

    BTNLifeEssenceDAB by Marcos DAB

    BTNReanimate66 by Marcos DAB

    BTNSoulBurn by Infinitynexus

    BTNTorch by FhelZone

    BTNFireTornado by Army-of-Pandas

    BTNPyroblast by aki15

    BTNRiseUndead by zbc

    BTNSearingArrow by Darkfang

    Music: Two Steps from Hell - Black Blade

    Two Steps from Hell - Master of Shadows

    Two Steps from Hell - Power of Darkness

    World of Warcraft music - Xaxas, Assault, Arthas - my son, Icecrown, Dalaran, Azjol'nerub, Invincible

    Sound effects from World of Warcraft

    Voices from World of Warcraft

    - The fountain of health in chapter two is no longer flying.

    - Changed the side quest name in chapter two to ''The Cleansing''.

    - Renamed mur'guls to murlocs in chapter two.

    - Ghosts of Dark Rangers no longer cost food.

    - Orc Warlocks have unarmored armor now.

    - Darkclaw is dead in chapter four, he won't stay alive.

    - Selection on units is removed in all cinematics.

    - Difficulty of Chapter Seven has been reduced. The gold mines also have more gold.

    - Alexstrasza's line won't trigger before the quest.

    - Sindragosa drops a different item.

    - Marrowgar will no longer spam his line after his death.

    - Phaelynne doesn't teleport with Varimathras in chapter four.

    - If a hero dies during the Frostmourne part of the Lich King fight, they won't stay transparent later.

    - The ''bug'' in chapter eleven where all units freeze is no longer present.

    - It is now more clear where to go in chapter nine as the blood elven base is visible from the start.

    - Some other minor bugs fixed.

    - Most of the quests now get pinged on the minimap so that it's more clear where to go.

    - The Lich King fight intro cinematic has been changed a little,

    now both Sylvanas and Jaina have their lines voiced from WoW.

    - New building - Royal Laboratory - 10 new upgrades within it.

    - Apothecary has a new spell, replaced Alchemic Decay.

    - New maps added - Chapter Eight, Part One, all new interludes.

    - Chapter Five and Six changed places.

    - Chapter Six and Nine revamped.

    - All other chapters improved and tweaked.

    - All AIs improved.

    - Lots of new cinematics that replace the old ones.

    - Improved, expanded storyline - most of dialogues changed and improved.

    - Some heroes' story has been expanded. There are also new heroes present in the story.

    - Most heroes have new spells.

    - All hero spells now hotkeyed to QWER.

    - New characters added.

    - Cliff slopes fixed in all maps.

    - Skip level cheat now works in all maps.

    - LOTS of other minor stuff that are not noted here.

    - Choosing Lor'themar no longer grants 12 extra food in Chapter Eleven. (The Forsaken farms get killed

    if you choose him, making you lose 12 food while his building still gives 12)

    - Garrosh is no longer called Jaina in Chapter Eight.

    - There should now be enough space at the gold mine in Chapter Seven to expand.

    - Dalaran units should now stay neutral in Chapter Four.

    - Cinematics in Chapter Five and Nine should no longer run at the same time.

    - Chapter Five should now be a little easier.

    - Gargoyles should no longer be able to leave the playable area in Chapter Six.

    - Shaman can now use Bloodlust again in Chapter Eleven.

    - Varimathras now drops his item in Chapter Eleven upon death.

    - You can't build any orc buildings anymore in Chapter Three.

    - There is now more gold in the gold mine in Chapter Six.

    - Malefaction fixed, it no longer works on heroes and Phaelynne won't bug herself.

    - Two Raymonds bug fixed in Epilogue.

    and you can now choose heroes properly if you skip it.

    - Vereesa will no longer say her line in Chapter Nine before

    she actually appears.

    - Finale has been renamed to Edge of Night from Edge of the Night.

    - Couple of dialogues rewritten, most notably in Chapter Two.

    - Sylvanas' voice has been changed to her WoW/Heroes of the Storm voice.

    - Cold damage area in Chapter Ten removed,

    - Undead in Chapter Five now has less upgrades.

    - Few other minor fixes/changes.

    most recent Warcraft 3 patch.

    - Forsaken AI in Chapter Six builds 3 Town Halls. There is no help to it.

    - It is possible that when you click on Quel'Delar, its spells will not show up. Try

    dropping it and picking it up again or placing in different inventory spots.

    - After the Uther cinematic in Chapter Eight, Part One, it is possible that Vereesa's spells

    aren't clickable. Deselect her and reselect her to fix this.

    - When choosing heroes in Chapter Ten, you can't see the mouse when

    choosing the first one, but the dialog you hover over will be highlighted.

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