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Tim Puetz Kevin Krawietz tennis tips and predictions - ScorePredictor, Bet tips, Free football predictions

Tim Puetz Kevin Krawietz tennis tips and predictions

All tennis fans look forward to the beginning of the match, the rivals in which will be Tim Puetz and Kevin Krawietz. These are famous tennis players who perform at all prestigious tournaments. Recall that modern tennis is now divided into two camps. Those athletes, whose rating is high, perform in tournaments with a large prize pool and a large number of rating points charged for the passage of each circle. Athletes who are outside the first hundred, perform in less significant tournaments, with a small prize pool, and with a small number of rating points. Naturally, the class of these two groups of tennis players is different, but sometimes their paths intersect at a certain tournament. But today’s match is a battle of exclusively athletes who have a high rating, so the match is waiting for a lot, and, first of all, entertainment. Both athletes may well give out a protracted match, since the ability to play on their pitch can hardly be attributed to their strengths, but the great reception and ability to keep the ball in the court allows them to win the opponent’s submission. Personal meetings of these athletes always take place in a stubborn struggle, tennis players try not to give the opponent an advantage, due to which the spectators watching the development of events in the match become witnesses of incredible combinations and rallies. Our forecasters believe that this match is worth seeing, especially since we have prepared excellent forecasts.

For an excellent tennis match, you need a little – two famous athletes and experienced forecasters who will be able to find interesting and lucrative offers in the line of bookmakers. All this we have. As two tennis players, we offer a match in which Tim Puetz and Kevin Krawietz are the leaders of the world rankings, and one of the main contenders for winning this tournament. And as experienced forecasters, experts from our portal who have long been interested in tennis, and offer all fans of this sport excellent predictions for matches of various categories. Athletes have already managed to play several matches at the tournament, so according to their statistics you can judge the level of willingness of tennis players to play and win here. In principle, the figures did not tell our experts anything new. Tim Puetz and Kevin Krawietz show the usual results for themselves, they were nailed to the cover in the first matches, so the rivals could win a few games more than bookmakers offered. Today is no time for jokes, the match is extremely important, so rivals will play at the limit of opportunities, which will allow tennis fans to enjoy an interesting and unpredictable match.

Judging by the statistics of personal meetings, our forecasters fully agree with the bookmakers, and we think that Tim Puetz will be able to outplay his opponent. Recall that Tim Puetz and Kevin Krawietz will play each other as part of the tennis tournament that takes place this week. In general, for the fact that the favorite wins in this match, the victory is not only the statistics of personal meetings. We have long ceased to take into account the rating of athletes, when determining the favorite of the match, but the current physical and psychological form is always taken into account. So, Kevin Krawietz while in this tournament shows an indistinct game, in addition to this, the athlete had certain health problems during matches in this tournament, several times had to call a doctor. All this suggests that Tim Puetz can easily overcome the resistance of the opponent. So, our bet in this match is Tim Puetz will win. I would also like to focus on the total. Bookmakers, in the opinion of our forecasters, offer too much overall total of games for this match, it is unlikely that Kevin Krawietz will be able to impose a fight, so we think that the total is better to play for less. As for the odds on the favorite games, everything is not so clear here, and the overall figure is correct, so it’s better to skip this bet, it’s possible that in the course of the match bookmakers will offer more advantageous options, which can be looked at.

In the match will win Tim Puetz – 1.32, in the match will win Kevin Krawietz – 3.42.

A great match awaits all tennis fans. Tim Puetz and Kevin Krawietz were perfectly prepared for this tournament. This can be seen from their results in previous rounds. The opponents of these tennis players simply did not stand a chance of success, so fast and powerful was the onslaught of our today’s opponents. Experts of our portal believe that today Tim Puetz and Tim Puetz will play attacking tennis, since rivals of this level rarely act in a protective manner. In general, defensive tennis is more energy-intensive, as it is necessary to constantly repel an opponent’s attacks, to guess the angles, where the ball will be sent, hoping that the opponent will make a mistake. Tim Puetz and Kevin Krawietz refer to those tennis players who are not afraid to take risks, so sometimes they manage incredible combinations and strikes that achieve their goal, and bring points to players. Personal meetings of these athletes are full of unexpected results, usually bookmakers find it difficult to determine the favorite in their confrontation, let’s see if they managed to do it this time. The opinion of our forecasters regarding the outcome of this match can be found above. All successful bets and spectacular tennis.


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Bernard Tomic vs Tim Smyczek Preview - ATP Queen s Club 2014 Round 1, STEVE G TENNIS

An interesting first round match-up is set to take place at the Aegon Championships between Australia’s Bernard Tomic and the U.S’s Tim Smyczek. This marks the second time these two competitors cross paths on the tour, and the first time in over two years. Tomic leads the head-to-head series 1-0.

Australia’s Bernard Tomic has played only a handful of tournament main draws since his first round withdrawal against Nadal at the Australian Open, as the youngster underwent double hip surgery shortly afterwards. He would later attempt to make an embarrassing comeback in Miami, where he lost in a record 26-minute. Since his absence, he has dropped severely in the rankings, behind countrymen Lleyton Hewitt, Matt Ebden and Marinko Matosevic. He did not even manage to enter the main draw in Madrid, as he lost in the qualifying round. He would later arrive in Paris, where he would, again, lose in the opening round to top Frenchman Richard Gasquet, although it would be hard to fault him for that loss, considering Gasquet is a formidable opponent.

Smyczek started his clay court season on the ATP Challenger circuit, where he lost three consecutive first round matches, before arriving in Paris. There, he won his first two qualifying matches, but ultimately lost against Mecir in the final round. He will be looking to pick up his first ATP World Tour main draw win since beating Jack Sock at Indian Wells in March.

This marks just the second time these two athletes will cross paths on the professional tour. Their first outing took place over two years ago on the hard courts at Delray Beach. Tomic won that meeting in comfortable fashion, but he is likely to face a bigger obstacle on grass, particularly if he is still trying to find his rhythm.

Prediction: Bernard Tomic in Three Sets

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Marton Fucsovics Tim Smyczek tips and odds, ScorePredictor, Bet tips, Free football predictions

Marton Fucsovics Tim Smyczek tips and odds

Already everything is ready for the start of the match, the main characters of which will be Marton Fucsovics and Tim Smyczek. Athletes are well known to fans of big tennis, as they always take part in major tournaments in which they manage to reach the pre-final and final stages, pleasing the fans of this sport with a bright and spectacular game. In the first rounds of the tournament, opponents easily overcome the resistance of their counterparts, which allowed them to secure their participation in this match. However, today’s confrontation will not be so easy, as rivals are well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the game of their counterparts, so they trained to play in the most uncomfortable for the opponent style. Our experts suggest that athletes are quite capable of demonstrating something new, changing the style of play that is familiar to them, which will allow us to count on success in this match. Considerable value for success will have a psychological attitude. Although, judging by the results of the current season, with this, athletes have no problems, they understand the significance of victories in such a large tournament, so they try to outdo their rivals not only in technology, but also in psychology, and when these two factors are combined, the athlete is practically unbeatable . Many believe that the factor of confrontation has its impact on the result, because psychologically it can put pressure on rivals. However, our experts do not agree with this. We believe that if the coverage of the tournament and the current form of the athlete coincide, then even the preponderance in past confrontations can not guarantee the opponent a victory. It is important to act here and now, showing the best tennis and achieving high results.

The excellent start of the season allowed the athletes, who will meet in the internal match, to strengthen their positions in the world tennis rating. Now they can start performing at major tennis tournaments from the second round, which, of course, should affect the quality of tennis, because athletes start their way to the championship several matches later than their rivals, therefore, they will be full of energy. Athletes have already met among themselves, while in the confrontation there is no advantage to any of the athletes. The cover on which this tournament is held, more suits the style of the game of the athlete, whom bookmakers see as an outsider of this confrontation. In general, if we talk about modern tennis and betting, then it is very difficult for bookmakers to assess the chances of rivals for success. The fact is that when the outcome of a match depends on the actions of one person, then it is necessary to take into account not only its rating, current form and statistics of personal meetings. The psychological factor is perhaps the most important factor in tennis, and if the tennis player is not ready psychologically, then neither the high rating, nor the excellent physical form, nor the advantage in personal meetings can help him win. The psychological factor is very important, but it is difficult to calculate. Our experts carefully study the personal pages of athletes in social networks, because they often find the key to answering the question – the tennis player is set up to play the tournament well, or now his thoughts are far from the tournament and the upcoming match. Sometimes we succeed. In any case, the greater emphasis we make is not on predicting the outcome of a match, but on statistics, here the risk of failure is much less.

Judging by the coefficients bookmakers offer for a tennis match in which Marton Fucsovics and Tim Smyczek will be met, the clear favorite of this fight is an athlete with a higher rating. Marton Fucsovics, indeed, is ahead of the opponent in the ranking, and, quite a long time is the leader of the tour. Coverage is excellent for the athlete’s style of play, so tennis experts see the athlete as one of the favorites of the tournament. Tim Smyczek although it has a high rating, can not yet boast of victories over the top representatives of the tour. Physical data does not allow an athlete to count on success in matches with bison of world tennis. We think that Marton Fucsovics will easily defeat an opponent, so we suggest betting that the favorite will issue another victory. By the way, in the personal encounters of these rivals Marton Fucsovics has a clear advantage, so that nothing should prevent and in this match to achieve a confident victory. We also recommend paying attention to the favorites’ favorites, Marton Fucsovics in almost all matches does not leave any chance for your opponents, and the handicap, in our opinion, is somewhat understated, so we also recommend it to flirt. The total total of the games in the match is likely to be correct, however we think that Marton Fucsovics is unlikely to delay the game, as more serious rivals are waiting ahead of the athlete. Proceeding from this, the match should not turn out to be protracted, therefore, the total total of games in this confrontation should be played for less. This applies to the individual total outsider, who is unlikely to be able to beat his total, so we also advise him to play less.

The winner of the confrontation will be Marton Fucsovics – 1.43, the winner of the confrontation will be Tim Smyczek – 2.816.

In modern tennis, a large number of matches are played daily, in which famous tennis players take part. Recall that there are several types of tennis tournaments. In some, juniors take part – athletes who are just starting their way in tennis, in other tournaments, athletes participate, whose rating does not allow them to enter the main grid of major tournaments, and in the most prestigious tournaments, high-ranking tennis players take part who are fighting for high places in the overall standings, so there is a ruthless struggle. Our experts try to offer forecasts for all tournaments, regardless of category and entertainment, because the main thing for us is the opportunity to win at the bookmaker office. In the match where Marton Fucsovics and Tim Smyczek meet, we also tried to choose the most optimal and interesting predictions from the whole variety of bookmakers’ offers. We got a pretty impressive list of rates. Naturally, we do not force bettorov to duplicate all bets for us, so everyone can choose the one that most liked him.

Marton Fucsovics Tim Smyczek tips and odds Recent Posts

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Marton Fucsovics vs Tim Smyczek betting odds

Marton Fucsovics vs Tim Smyczek betting odds

Match Marton Fucsovics – Tim Smyczek will start at 12:00 on 16th October year 2017

Tournament : ATP. Stockholm. Qualification

The best odds for the match Marton Fucsovics – Tim Smyczek obtained by studying the top bookmakers are offered by 1ХBet

Tips for the match Marton Fucsovics – Tim Smyczek from verified tipster Debbie Kriteman:

Handiсap Tim Smyczek +1.5 – 1.67

Forecast for the match Marton Fucsovics – Tim Smyczek from tennis expert Rick Wojik:

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US Open - American Tim Smyczek - s pick up car ran out of gas on the way to his first round match

US Open - American Tim Smyczek´s pick up car ran out of gas on the way to his first round match

Tennis - Smyczek wins in four sets to reach second round

Tennis - American Tim Smyczek advanced to the second round of the US Open on Wednesday with a four set win over Australian James Duckworth. But the 26 year old, ranked no. 109 in the world, spent a better part of his post-match press conference talking about his journey to the tournament site on Wednesday morning, as the tournament car that picked him up ran out of gas and had to stop in the middle of the road, a few miles away from Flushing Meadows.

"I gave myself way too much time this morning. This one time it paid off. It was actually kind of funny because we were going down on I don't know what the highway is that you get here. We're going down the highway, and I notice the cars started passing us.

We were kind of slowing down. I look up and you can see the rpm meter. It's at zero. I'm like, Wait a minute, why are we just coasting? So the lady, we were in the left lane; she makes it to the middle lane, and then we got to a spot where we had to merge.

Kind of got cut off a little bit by a truck so she had to hit the brakes. She was really pissed. I don't know if she thought we were going to coast the whole way here, but we were still, I mean, a ways away. We just pulled over to the side of the road, got out, called transport.

They said they'd send somebody. So we're waiting 20, 25 minutes. Then a guy named Nouri who works for the tournament just happened to be passing by. He pulled over and said, Hey, you guys need a ride or something? He got us here on time.

We got an 8:15 car. We were pulled over from 8:45 to 9:15." "I don't want to get anybody in trouble, man. I hope she still has a job. She seemed really nice. She just said, I don't know what I was thinking.

It was the first trip of the day, so I don't know. She seemed more pissed off than anything. I honestly think she thought she was going to be able to make it to the site without stepping on the gas again. We had to be five, six miles away still.

I don't know what the thought process was." The American plays Alex Bogomolov Jr. for a place in the third round. .

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