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Watch Being Mary Jane Season 3 Episode 10 Online Free Putlocker, Putlocker

Watch Being Mary Jane Season 3 Episode 10 Online

IMDB Rating: 7.7/10 from 2,425 votes

Synopsis: Watch Being Mary Jane Season 3 Episode 10 online free. In Being Mary Jane Season 3 Episode 10 Putlocker Full Movie, BET's first hour long scripted drama is a follow-up to the same-titled TV movie that premiered on the network in the summer of 2013. The series returns Gabrielle Union to the lead role of Mary Jane Paul, a successful cable news anchor who has a closet packed with designer clothes and shoes, a beautiful home, a nice car, and the drive to achieve even greater heights. Yet something is missing. As Mary Jane looks to start a family of her own to share life's greatest gifts, she discovers who she really is and the people who help define her.

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Being Mary Jane Season 3 Episode 10 - Mr

Being Mary Jane Season 3 Episode 10

Vid is not showing properly….

go to alternative link.

Oh Lawdddddddd it is not working :-[

The video is not clear the picture is a vertical line

Alternative link is showing the same 😩

The links are broken anyone find a working link?

Copy n paste following

None of the links are good. Not even on brokensilenze, vidbull, vidupto, or none. Do you have a better link.

I just watched it on Broken SIlenze and it was perfectly fine!

Broken Silenze works I’m watching now..

I do 353online and come back here for the discussions.

OMG! So where do i start with this episode.

-Kara is my favorite on the show. I was mad that she got played by Marisol. I feel like Marisol is a pro at reversing the tables on people for things to work in her favor. smh.

-I’m glad that Mary Jane finally has a voice and isn’t putting up with the B.S no longer. I already saw the Mary Jane and Cee-cee part coming… once she said she has a book deal I was like “hmmm, is that right?” lol.

-Her break up with the white boy is my exact sentiments when it comes to dating white men…if I have to sit there and explain to you my struggles, then it’s not going to work out bay-bay!!

-I wish the video went all the way to the end so I get to see a little bit of what happens next episode. This was a great episode.

How did you watch it? The video is jacked up.

yes, it is. I clicked on the alternative link and it was very clear, no issues at all.

The alt. Yardie posted? That one is messed up too.

Go to broken silenz dot net

I think it must be something with iPhones, because that one is messed up too. I’ll just watch it on my laptop tomorrow…good looking out though.

oh yeah maybe it’s that. i watched it on my laptop and didn’t have any issues. I used the alt link that yardie posted under this video

It didn’t give your computer a virus? That’s why I started watching on my phone, cause this website gave my laptop a serious virus.

lol it’s almost 2016 wheres your pop up blocker and ad block??

I have one lol but that didn’t save me 😩😩😩😩😩

its a phone and tab issue

You can watch on the watch series dot to

U said everything I was thinking were u in my head

Broke it down perfectly!! Especially with the interracial dating…I ain’t got time to explain everything to you.

I was with a white man for a while, and I had to break it off too, there are things that they are just so ignorant to. He was great and the urban legend is true, that mouth was AMAZING, but there are certain things I need my partner to understand. When I say damn Gina, i need you to know what that’s about, When I say “The shrinkage is real” I need you to get it. When I say, “I hate whoopi goldbergs lips, cause they black”, I need you to say “I hate the back of Forrest Whitakers neck…” you know?

Isnt that something they can learn?

Yes, as I typed it, I thought about how ridiculous I am. lol

LOL.But honestly there are things they dont understand,our struggles dont make sense to them

LMAO….that was too funny! But true. OMG you got me rolling over here.

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That just comes from different upbringing. Get a sidity suburban black guy like Tiger woods or Carlton, and he’s not gonna understand the urban vernacular either. Not all black people watched Martin, and some ain’t seen their natural hair in so long, they forgot their curls shrink. The whole black lips black neck thing the average white guy may get, but they don’t want to be offensive. That’s almost like encouraging your white dude to crack some big lip coon jokes, and I’m never gonna get that cozy with any other race to make us the butt of any joke. Actually, I’m too much on my Sister Solja vibe to go there with anybody, even if they are black. I guess Mary Jane felt like she got enough complications without adding teaching him to the equation; but she’s not doing too good teaching Black men to understand her either. A lot of Black women forever single in the house all the time because black men don’t understand them or get along with them either. At least Mary Jane and a few black women in general are willing to try to expand their options. Just hope my girl ain’t licking coochie next season, cuz she finds a deal breaker with every man.

I have one word GOT’HER. Lol! #CiCi

2 words actually.

The apostrophe brings them together ‘actually’.

Never in that context, it’s wrongly use,

it doesn’t even belong there

Why does it matter, lawd.

Bye CC, too touchy, deep, disturbing racial episode.

This episode was great and heart felt too

I understand why MJ let go of the white guy. I’ve dated a couple myself and really don’t care for the one’s that I have to explain my struggle to, or my kitchen! But here is my thing, though white boy wasn’t around very long, think about every guy we’ve seen MJ date & compare. This guy had long term potential, was off to a great start, and was treating her well. He didn’t judge her for her early sexual ways, communicated, treated her well and honestly was trying. I personally like men who are more culturally aware and educated, possibly grew up in more diverse neighborhoods. But this is very hard to come by with white men…but they are out there. Black love is awesome, but all love has it’s complexities and challenges that are tiresome to fight. You just have to decide which fight you can handle, and compare that to how great of a man you have. I have a little more fight in me than MJ, and I won’t dare let society and it’s challenges keep me from being open minded to love of any color. I just don’t believe that’s how God meant it, we bleed the same blood. So if we care for one another and hold the same values + goals, surely we can rise above racial issues. It aint nothin but a trick of the enemy anyhow. But lemme stop preachin.

you just preaching today huh ? *applauses*

I come from an interracial blood line, and I swear my family members suffer from crossing blood lines. Crazy.

Many black men may understand our culture…but are still living examples of the negative stereotypes within our community. Just met a nice non-black guy and I’m loving the progression of our friendship/courtship. Like you said, there are some complexities; however, it’s a growth/learning experience. Equal Opportunity Dater here… 😉

I met a white boy one, but we were just friends….he was super cool and sweet but he had other qualities I just knew would eventually get on my nerves like the fact that he was super competitive and he like to correct people…however I didn’t mind explaining things to him if he had a question cause I figure if you don’t teach a person they will never learn ya kno!

Standing O. She let a good man go. Of course someone from another race won’t understand everything and every struggle. Hell someone from the same race may know what a kitchen is but doesn’t mean they will get you. She’s dated black men before and things didn’t work out for worse reasons . I felt bad for him but she’s not the one; move on. I’m sorry but this epi irritated me. That white boy could’ve given her the love and respect she wants and so what if someone gave her the side eye when they saw her out with him. Like he said , she doesn’t know why they were looking at her like that. Get over it ppl! Love is love ! To only give yourself a certain race to date is an insult to God imho. It perpetuates the race problem. Why does the color of someone’s skin freakin matter ?! There is someone out there that will love you for you, but you have to be open to receive it.

Can I just say that it blows my mind that BMJ has less comments and viewers than Love & Blah Blah or Atlanta Housewives. This to me is the best show for AA women, yet most black women I know don’t watch it. How Sway, how?

I was so confused when I saw MJ at that bookstore signing, but I’m happy to see she played smart and finally put her foot down with CiCi. CiCi so money hungry she didn’t even think about how much that book deal made zero sense, and how what she did was illegal! She got her with her own weakness, talking too much! She got a big mouth *tupac voice*

The part with The Real was weird for me. It wasn’t smooth, the filming was so strikingly different from how BMJ is shot that it didn’t work.

Marisol is soooo shady!! Though Kara was out of line for what she said, she was right about her. Ol girl plays dirty and those are the worst types. She is a liar, two timing, a whistle blower, manipulator, flirt, and a brown noser all wrapped up into one. They gotta get rid of her before she moves up or they will have a monster on their hands. But eventually her ways will catch up to her. If she gets away with Kara, she will eventually think she can cross the next big thing and it will backfire. Somebody aint told her that this does not work for minorities.

omg ikr how do ppl not watch this show. i get anxiety attacks watching this tho however i need more i am not fulfilled anybody know when next season starts?

Marisol reminds me of Scandal’s Quinn (before she went to b16) ugh she’s a character that gotta go.

CiCi never saw it coming and neither did I lol! I’m gonna miss her character her and relationship with MJ.

Marisol is one dangerous lady! You always have to watch out for the quiet ones. Jheez!

Each to their own and all that. However, I totally understand where MJ was coming from with her white boyfriend. I shouldn’t have to explain certain issues and struggles I go through as a black person. It’s enough having to try and figure it out my damn self let alone having to try and get someone else to understand. #❤️Black❤️👌🏾

That’s why I love BMJ it really touches on some serious issues. Can’t wait to see how they’re going to tackle this issue with the cops and neicy.

I really don’t like the fact that it’s only 10 episodes though. I mean this thing only started like 2 weeks ago and it’s finished already KMT! Lol

Oh well! I’ll be here twiddling my thumbs until season four ⌚️⏳

*Whitney Houston Voice* Mah lord…Been waiting for CeCe to get her just dues! I’ve had a love/hate relationship with her and admit that she will be missed. But, honey, just last week I felt like jumping through the screen and choking the shit outta her! Lawd!

Loved MJ’s reading down of the white guy…Loved every second!

The scene with Niecy was tough to watch.

David’s mum coming by her house was annoying I can relate

Marisol a lil b!tch.

Can’t wait for the next.

I totally agree, David’s mom coming by the house doing all that talking to Mary Jane, I can definitely relate. I had a Ex’s mother that kept calling, texting and wanting to meet up with me..and it just wasn’t going to work even after all that talking, calling, texting and pleading. IT had to be flatlined. It was going no where.

Poor Niecey, but as someone said before these are the times that we live in and it’s sad.

Marisol, I knew she was going to do that. I saw that coming, she had this look in the lunchroom saying “Okay… you wanna be sorry and act like it ain’t ever happen… YOU gone learn” I thought she was going to do a whole topic/ conversation on it while she was on the new show that Kera was producing but she did it smart, she still went to HR to make sure that she secured her spot on the panel and then have Kera not work directly with her cause now they are going to redirect Kera to something else even though, she built that team and is suppose to be the producer. Smh. I do agree though that what Kera said was out of line, but Marisol just couldn’t let it go – she was out to get EVEN!

Idc who doesnt support this show, I love it!! I want CiCi role to stay apart of the show, she definitely made it interesting. The ending was messed up, but these are the times that we live in. Sad but true!

i dont think thats the last we will see of her tho

i see the real getting some shine XD

I don’t like Mary Jane with the white guy. I still like Cutty Buddy better.

MJ is the modern day A Different World! Tackling many real world issues.

I’ve been coming to yardie for a couple of years now for black shows, reality and produced alike and read all of your comments, the goo and bad and love all the perspectives. This is the first show or episode however to make me create an account.

Love Kara so much but listen, wrong is wrong hunny, It has not been confirmed whether Marisol and the boss were actually sleeping together and think if you were Marisol how you would feel to be insulted like that! How many of us have a strong sexuality and have been judged unfairly by other women for it? It’s not right! If that was Mary Jane in Marisol’s position yall would be wanting Kara to get fired. The way Kara felt,when she said the things she did to Marisol, i do understand, however she should have been woman enough to apologize and not play the fake game or lets sweep this under the rug card. She was wrong period.

Cici, cici. Man I loved her… hated the extortion but loved her and I swear I saw the arrest coming. Indeed she took it too far. Hope they bring her back. Good on Mary Jane for making the tough decision. I believe she did start to like Cici until the foolishness at the end of last week’s episode,

There were so many great nuggets of wisdom given in this ep. Like Mary Jane just shutting up for once and saying yes to Greg. That’s how it be in the corporate world at times, And if you can learn to know when to take one for the team you lose in the end. We’re forced to stand up for our rights so much as black women that we get someone putting their foot down on their wants (especisally when its a white person) confused as opression of our rights. I’ve been there. Was in a corporate job for 5 years, and learned the hard way.

Love what @MissBosha:disqus had to say about interracial love. Was in a relationship with a white guy for 7 years and it didnt end badly, in fact we’re still good and actually platonic friends, He has a new woman (black, haha) and I really like her, But guess what, I love black men! always have but God didn’t intend for us to only love within our race. Thats why i was able to fall in love with someone who wasn’t black in the first place, although at the time I’d only ever dated black men and knew that was my preference. It’s still my preference and I hope God honours that when he sends me love but guess what, I’m open to the fact that love come in the packages we least expect at times.

The scene with David actually made me shed a tear, and I’m not even that sentimental.

Mary Jane can be harsh at times but for the sake of getting the scenes tight the writer has to make her say the tough stuff!

I love this writer. She has an eye for the tough and seemingly unimportant issues that arise for us all on a daily basis and the producers just know how to pull it all together.

the dialog between Niecy and the cop could have been tighter but for real ppl have been roughed up by the police for less so i give it a pass.

All in all love this show man, and your comments are an essential part:)

I was actually hoping that Kara was recording Marisol asking for a spot on the show, but turns out that MJ was the one who was being the set up queen…and I loved it….but I knew something was up when they said, “y give her money, you weren’t legally drunk”….

As for Marisol she did what she had to do to get on top, instead of working for it…And if Greg wasn’t sleeping with her, he was letting her short skirts and open blouses make decisions for him when it came to her…

Girlfriend thank you for making an account Bc I couldn’t have said it any better! Kara was dead wrong and I cringed when she tried to compliment Marisol’s shoes! Ugh just apologize to her! She should’ve been the woman she said Marisol wasn’t. I think that’s why Marisol took it further . Kara was not genuine with her and she really played her with her accusations. She said some extremely hurtful things to her. So I can completely understand her revenge. If she didn’t go for Kara then Kara would’ve ended up getting her back somehow is what she probably was thinking . I wouldn’t want to work with Kara either, but MJ comparing her car accident to Kara’s situation would’ve ceased her hostile opinion of Marisol (I think). Like you said if that had been MJ ppl would be all over Kara.

I’m on my pc and the link is not working sighhhhh!

This episode was good.. can someone tell me how it ended?

Niecey caused her own problem with her mouth…( just pull out registration & drivers license)

Loretta will be back….it’s not over.

Marissol played Kara……she got her anchor spot & she filed a “fake sexual harassment claim” to secure her spot. Kara couldn’t fire if she wanted too…. don’t know how she going to get out of that”

Mary Jane looks as if she about to have a “nervous” break down..

At first I was thinking this show was going to be another “Scandal : Married man – mistress) when he left and now on POwer. The show began to move into a different direction that I like..

This is a good show.

Niecey, Niecey, Niecey…I see the Sandra Bland connection here. Just do what the officer says. Goodness.

I peeped that too.

There was another incident where a black woman was in the car with her kids on vaycay and she flipped out when the cops stopped her. She drove off and didn’t stop until she got to the hotel because she said she was afraid. I think they arrested her right there with the kids in the car.

I disagree. This is where things get confusing! We have every right to know why we were pulled over and most officers will tell you when they walk up. So let’s not place blame in one place, and I’m sure the first episode of BMJ will address BOTH views. Although I’m not sure of a solution, I will admit there is a problem there. There are two sides of a situation and someone has to keep the cooler head.

I just wish they had done a scene where Neece had done everything the officer had asked but still ended up with her ass behinds a police vehicle; just to show the thick folks that it’s really not what you do or don’t do, the officer already made up his mind before he approach your ass!

Thought it was just me! lol

RIGHT! The way the scene is shown, Niecy is just mouthing off and the cop’s actions seem justified. If she was in compliance and the cop still tried to get at her, then we’d have something heavy to work with.

I’m sorry but neicy new her rights, it’s not illegal to ask a officer why your being pulled over because most tell you when they pull up to your car. And the officer could have taken a little sympathy seeing that she had her kids where in the back. But all officers make up their mind they know why there pulling you over whether their bored, racist or you were actually doing something wrong.

But neicy was wrong for doing as if she was going to drive off.

But really she got pulled over for no reason “your music was too loud”

so they just going to make this the finale, when I wasn’t finished watching? Real selfish television. How am I pose to be okay with this?

Aunite Retta, gave a great performance right. gone head retta. This was good!!

So mad this was the finale! This was an awesome episode, and I’m happy she got Cece greedy tail off her payroll. She was gonna suck her freaking dry. I understand why she broke it off with white boy (does he have a name?) but damn did she have to be so cold? It’s a damn shame how they did Niecy tho. And Kara got played by that damn Marisol, now she has stuck her foot deep in the sand, and it’s gonna be hella hard to get rid of her. Super lad that MJ is drama free for now, but I know seeing David with that baby girl cut her like a knife. That kinda shyt hurts like hell.

Damn when I said that Whitney’s “Hurts So Bad” started playing in my mind. Shyt

Or that Mary I’m not Gon’ Cry!!

Niecys scene was a little too painful to watch. It felt like I was watching my sister! No way can this be the last episode, it went too fast for my liking 🙁

mary jane doesnt show any sadness over lisa’s death. she only shows sadness over lisa suckin her old dude’s dick. ya’ll agree? lol. her reactions to lisa’s death is just not normal for a real life friend’s death lol.

this episode was great like the topic just mad that Kara got played like Mary Jane said this generation ain’t got no filter smh


Yes Letta! Getcho life! The real Cici came out with a vengeance. I mean 0 to 100 real quick. Yes ma’am/sir, tip that hat because she got you back. Taught her a little too well.

Damn Neicy! They had to go stir up all my black conscious anger though (pretty much all season long). That cop seemed kinda nervous playing that part. I can’t wait to see how they tackle this next season so people can be off that whole she should’ve shown more respect. She knew her rights and I don’t care how she delivered it because it’s a double edge sword when non POCs act in the same manner.

Kudos to season 3. Akil and n’em did that. Don’t take forever with season 4. Oh, and thanks Yardie. Love you man!

Did they sneak The Real in here… I love that show!

I like to lust white men lol.. like the one with MJ! don’t think I can ever be with one though.

Man.. I felt that conversation with MJ and her girl about sleeping your way to the top! Wow.. chills.

I needed this episode so badly! Every aspect of it.

Niecey being WRONGFULLY arrested and when Mary Jane saw it – both scenes made me physically sick!!

I love the African American proverb shout out…I was like, “yasssssss we in there”……I loved this episode…

I just hate that we always put Black women with White men…why can’t we ever have successful Black relationships on these shows.

The show is about her balancing love life, family, and work. Her parents are the successful model and example, and she’s in a struggle towards doing the same but as a career woman..

Huh?? I’m lost…I know what the show is about….But I’m saying why do we always have to try to put a white man with a sista?? In real life, some of us never date a white man or go outside of the color lines…I’m glad they cancelled that real quick like though and had Mary Jane to say she loves Black men and want Black love…..

This season finale is right on point…especially with all the Black women who are dying by the hands of white cops and coming up missing after being in police custody…..Mara Brock Akil rocks

check out #BlackLove at VIBESTARMEDIADOTCOM

I loved the ending, but for some reason I wanted Niecey’s little boy to put the car in drive and then the police should have shot in the car and killed him…OMG, that would have made next season’s opening night shoot through the roof….I know it’s far out there, but I’m just saying…

I thought that was what was going to happen too. But I think either way it is to shoot next season’s opening through the roof, that ending was EVERYTHING. I really enjoyed this episode and I enjoyed the throwback of Mary J Blidge’s No More Pain in the beginning and the end, went perfectly with the whole episode.

yes, the director of this episode did this perfectly…the music and angles of the camera were placed perfectly…it really looked like he tazed her too…I can’t wait for the next season….

Oh my. But honestly, I’m sure that would’ve taken over next season. I couldn’t handle that.

lol. i feel you…if they read this blog and steal my idea, i’m gon’ pull a CiCi…”how much can I get for giving you the idea?”….lol

I thought something was going to happen with the little boy too, but then I figured it was a way to show how black kids see their parents victimized by the system in some way. Discrimination becomes a part of a black child’s life early, to the point where they grow up with a self-consciousness about being black and over analyze everything like MJ.

Can u upload the westbrookes episode?

Amazing episode …. Oh hey David lol…. But that last scene had me screaming… So many messages this season, love it

let’s all be honest… it is in desperation a black woman will ever date a white guy.. that’s the bottom of the barell for her. it’s just doesn’t make sense. im not racist btw.. it’s just facts. Give me one good long term reason a black woman would date a white guy.

Settling for a guy of one’s own race that treats you like shit is “desperation”. The “bottom of the barrel” are broke dudes, bangers, dealers and baby daddys that been in and out of jail and are uneducated, disrespectful, lie, cheat, can’t speak properly, don’t have their own spot, bank account or job, and walk around in oversized white T’s and pants sagging off their ass.

You only need to know the reason YOU would date somebody, and you can NOT speak for or know the thoughts of 300 million DIFFERENT ppl you have never met. You asked for one but.

2. outstanding sex

3. physical attraction

5. desire for a man with similar goals, beliefs and thoughts about family

6. preference for a relationship with an educated and financially stable man

lol you’re funny…The white man that you praised is the same one, who keep the black men down, by using their power to kill innocent ones like animals (cops killer), keeping them away from the corporate system even if they are qualify and they have the education to doing the job. Also, making sure the jail system have an outrageous ratio of black men inside. can you see the irony? The white man that you praised is the same one who’s causing all of black men’s stereotypes you have mention. All this also goes by the name of ”the white supremacy”. So i just give you a whole perspective on, why in this the society, it makes some people uncomfortable to see that kind of interracial dating. We need to fix many issues in our society before we can be comfortable with. So Lovesexy maybe you need to re-evaluate the perspective on what’s going around you, or maybe you’ve been living under a rock for the past decades, to not see those issues.

“Oh da white man is keeping us po niggas down. He won’t let me work in corprate Amurca even tho I knowz most of my ABCs. Dat evil white man made me rape, steal, sell drugs, shoot and murder people just so he could put me in da prison. Imma child and a idiot so don’t blame me for what I do. Blame da white man.”

lol & yawn Niggas always playing the victim and anyone who writes a sentence such as “even if they are qualify and they have the education to doing the job” belongs in remedial classes, not the corporate world.

hey dumb bitch, the corporate world doesn’t need a man who can write a perfect sentence, the corporate world needs a man who can make money. Perfect sentences doesn’t write checks in 2015. Get out under the rock you’re living since 1909!! i sincerly hope one day a white cop rape you, kill you for no reason, just because he knows he’s white, he create the law and he’s above the law. and nobody will feel sorry for your dumb ass.

lol you must be an asian girl! smh

A good reason…my reason..he was the first man I fell in love with. I wasn’t desperate or seeking anyone, I never thought I would end up with a white man but I did. We’ve been together over 8 years and just got married. Obviously what you’re saying isn’t fact, it’s opinion, your opinion.

Congratulations! Enjoy that swirl, girl!

This show is so beautifully executed and current. The Sandra Bland reference with Niecy almost got me in tears.

I honestly want Mary Jane to read me from head to toe, A to Z so I can get my shit together. That is all.

Andre was married, David was a liar and cheater, and Cuddy Brandon was a dumb athlete only looking to fuck. MJ is 40 and dated trails of BM that fucked her over, cheated, lied, disrespected, and treated her like shit for over 20 years. I get that she would be influenced by having always had a loving father and parents that are still together, but that doesn’t justify being petty, trivial, and small-minded.

MJ has 1 relationship with a successful, employed, and handsome WM that sexually satisified, treated her with respect, wanted to go out, asked questions, and was willing to take the journey and learn but what does she do? Resort to being a dumb loyal slave to BM and their self-serving pimp games and brainwashing that BW can never be completely satisfied, happy, and whole without a BM. Idiots pining for a group that ain’t pining for them cuz BM BEEN happy marrying women of other races and raising babies with them.

When was the last time anybody saw a large group of BM begging for BW to “come home” or longing for “black love”? Never.

I don’t know if it was envy, concern about other people’s opinions, or believing fairytale bullshit about “black love” that caused MJ to overlook the numerous times BM treated her like crap, but it was disgusting watching her become another basic, base, and stupid chick.

She just had to come with that tiredass “me, me, me” focus and desire to have the last word, be heard but never listen, discuss her weaves and nappy ass “kitchen” and draining, emotionally exhausting, and unattractive need to always be the only victim. Females like that deserve to wake up 49, menopausal, childless, unmarried, lonely and full of regret after realizing what is truly important.

This same white man she met at an upscale hook up sex spot…..

That last scene…I know I’ll get crap for this, but I don’t think she should have talked to the cop like that. She should have given him the licence and registration and when he gave her that BS ticket she should have contested it. It’s not fair, and it wouldn’t make for a compelling episode lol, but it would have kept her safe.

Your gonna get shit, because what you’re saying is shit.

I guess we should only have one point of view here, my bad for posting a different view point.

Dont apologize for being intelligent and classy.

Even though Niecy wasn’t wrong, black folks can’t get away with mouthing off to cops. It sux that it has to be like that, but we have to be mindful of the times and do things the smart way. The one with the badge and gun is going to win in the streets, so just fight it in court.

You are right but certain ppl are too stupid and base to get it and they always will be. They wanna buck up and show how bad they are then wonder why shit goes left but what is more important? Life or catching a taser or bullet.

People with sense keep their composure, provide the necessary information and stay quiet. If the stop was illegal, then you’re able to walk away with a badge #, lawyer up and go from there.

I don’t agree, don’t be fooled by what they say. They have no right to tell you to get out your car for such a reason, or to ask for your details. Thats why police get agitated when you start questioning them about the law; we as citizens are not expected to know about law. Lets be real; its too long for us to read and study and the system knows this. Thats why when people are asked to give their details, they just give it, assuming that this is allowed. Its not.

Thank you for explaining your point of view without any venom, I can see where you’re coming from.

its cool, you were just voicing your opinion! x

You were right in the first place. Ppl be listening to RayRay and Shaniqua tell them what they ain’t gotta do or what the law is and end up shot.

Ppl wanna make this a race thing like blacks gotta do something different than everybody else, but that’s not true. There are too many dirty ass cops out there and EVERYBODY should act like they got some sense, don’t go talking slick out the mouth and follow orders with a cop who has a gun, and its a fact more whites are killed by cops than blacks.

http : / / thereelnetwork .net/the-primary-victims-of-police-brutality-and-theyre-not-black-people/

See you’re telling her to not be fooled when you’re giving out incorrect information. That’s the problem with ppl like Neicy, they think they know something when they don’t, or they listen to ppl who know even less and end up getting tased or worse. You DO have to get out of the car and supply info when asked.

“The U.S. Supreme Court decided many years ago, in a case called Pennsylvania v. Mimms, that an officer may order someone who he has stopped for a traffic violation to get out of the car. Thus, you do not have a choice in the matter. It does not matter that the weather is unpleasant or that the officer does not have a clear reason for asking you to get out. When the officer asks you to “please step out of your car,” you have to do it. As mentioned in Part VIII of this series, these sorts of “requests” can be confusing. A polite officer will often ask things like, “May I please see your license? Would you please step out of your car? Would you please pop your trunk? Would you please open your glove-box so I can take a look?” All of these sound like requests. But the first two are orders which may not be refused while the last two are fully optional requests which may, and should, be refused. The only way to tell the difference is to know your rights. Thus, as the CORRECT and BEST answers recognize, you must get out of the car when the officer asks you to.”

http : / / www . columbuscriminaldefenseattorney . com/2012/03/16/must-you-get-out-of-your-car-during-a-traffic-stop-police-interaction-part-ix/

Did I say I love this show?

This is my favourite show on television right now. Praying that people continue to support it because I wanna see season 4 and 5 and 6 etc lol

This episode was GREAT on so many levels. Oh My Gosh. Season Finale was everything!

This was the best finale of this whole show. Im mad it ended like that because i really wanted to see the rest. Anyone know when it starts back??

This show always makes my eyes sweat. Wasn’t ready for the last scene. Have a hard time watching all the real videos. 🙁

Well done to the writers of this show. Sometimes we need a wake up call and watching the final scene was EXACTLY that!

God forbid one of my loved ones become a hashtag. Unfortunately this is the reality lots of our (POC) people are facing and instead we have stupid ratchet shows perpetuating negative stereotypes; intelligent black men and women fighting, swearing and acting a damn fool on national TV making money for “Massa”, knowing full well we don’t have the same privileges as white folks.

How many white women can’t relax till their white sons returns home, for fear that he could be stop, interrogated and possibly killed – all because of a prejudice based on the colour of his skin? How many white men have to tell their white daughters/wives that even though he may want to protect her, if a police officer stops them and proceeds to inappropriately “search” her, she should keep quiet and comply. How many white children grow up NEEDING to be told they can become anything they dream of.

We as a people need to do better. We don’t have the same privileges at present BUT we can make things so that our children and grandchildren have a better tomorrow. A tomorrow where when I check a white male colleague for sexually commenting on my God given goddess like figure I am not labelled an “angry black woman”. A tomorrow where ALL people hear POC with an African accent and don’t assume they are somewhat inferior (I state POC with accents because I’ve never heard/seen a white South African looked down on, yet the native South Africans are).

I guess I’m upset with what’s going on with the Sandra Bland case, it doesn’t make sense. My blood boils but I’m scared. Scared my people will be slaughtered if they speak out, scared that until we get our people into positions of authority change will NEVER come.

This isn’t just a TV show, EVERYTHING has an agenda. BMJ, yup… I fxck with that!

Damn you CiCi… Look what you made me do. I don’t think CiCi ever really saw MJ as “one of us” if you know what I mean. I believe her compassion for the Black community was real, but clearly it didn’t extend to her. The nerve of her to say she thought they were friends. Every interaction with MJ was calculated; she only saw her as a come up. All that being said I still really liked her. She dropped much knowledge. I read many of the types of books she’d likely carry in her store.

I knew that book story was fugazzi as soon as she said it.

As conniving as Marisol is I wouldn’t be surprised if Kara catches her on her knees down the line. As much as we hate people like her she’ll end up owning SNC one day pulling stunts like that.

The scene with Niecey was eerily similar to the Sandra Bland tape…even down to small details. I see what they did there. Love the show. Best thing BET has going for it. I’m happy for Gabrielle.

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