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Funky Monkeys vs

Funky Monkeys vs. The Funk CS:GO

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Other articles

Matched Betting

Matched Betting What is it?

“Matched Betting” is used quite simply as a term to describe the act of making profit from the free bets and bonuses available from bookies and casinos.

The term matched betting comes from the most basic strategy we will share within this website where all outcomes are backed to guarantee profit regardless of whether your bet actually wins.

Matched betting is NOT GAMBLING!

You will sometimes take a risk with matched betting (we’ll get to risk further down the page), but it’s still not gambling.

Gambling is completely random, whereas a risk is calculated.

Who is Matched Betting this for?

It doesn’t matter is you are younger, older, have a full time job, self-employed or own a business. It’s a great way to make some extra cash online, without needing to put too much time into it.

Whether your business is still getting up off the ground and you need some extra cash to support you, you want some extra cash to pay for the nicer things in life or you are retired and want some extra money to treat the grandchildren.

I’ve seen it all!

Obviously, to sign up to the betting companies you must be over the age of 18.

The only other type of person this is not for?

Those with no discipline, or ANY previous addiction issues.

I really want to help people make additional money, it’s afforded me extra freedoms in life I wouldn’t have had otherwise and I want others to have this too.

Gambling companies are SCUM!

Ok, I know you might be confused right now – but here’s the deal.

I HATE bookmakers and gambling websites. I always have! Since starting this journey, I only hate them more as I have seen first-hand some of the despicable tactics they use. They are predators and target those most vulnerable – everything they do is designed to make them money.

So the bonus of matched betting, is you are taking money off them, you are taking advantage of their offers and YOU are coming out on top.

To do this successfully it requires discipline! You follow the instructions, stick to the rules and you will come out on top.

If you don’t think you can do this? Forget you ever saw this website and move on – Otherwise you are playing back into the bookies hands and they win again!

How much can you make?

Once you get up and running with the software and the strategies you can realistically make anything between £1-£3000 per month.

To add more context to the £1-£3000 per month amount, this figure will vary greatly depending on how much time you invest into it.

Me personally? I average around an hour per day and that equates to an average £1000 per month profit .

The key thing to remember is, it’s all about a lot of small wins, £4 here, £8 there etc. They add up and you will occasionally have bigger wins to top up your profits too!

What’s the Risk?

All of the offers available will be categorised on the basis of their risk.

There are 3 categories, they are:

RISK FREE – This often means guaranteed profit, it definitely means the offer can be completed with no losses.

LOW RISK – This usually means you have the chance of losing a small amount of money (maybe £1-£2) with the hope of accessing a free bet.

Usually, you need a specific outcome to get the free bet which is not guaranteed but likely (i.e. a free bet for every goal a team scores in a game – Obviously there’s a chance they won’t score.)

HIGH RISK – Usually, the only high risk offers are available via the casino offers.

It is not advised that people consider even looking at these until they have at least a year experience with the risk free and low risk offers.

There must be a catch? Otherwise why aren’t more people doing it?

Quite simply, there’s no catch and I don’t know why more people aren’t doing it.

There are 1000’s of people doing it across the UK, some even do it as a full time job.

Don’t just take my word for it though, here’s what some other people say:

How does it work?

So here’s my 10 step guide in how you can make money from Matched Betting for FREE

So the first step is to find an offer. For this example, I’m going to use a simple sign up offer with William Hill.

This offer is simply, bet £10, get a £30 in free bets.

There are 2 main exchanges I use, they are Smarkets and Betfair. They allow you to bet against an outcome happening.

The exchanges charge a commission on any winning bets, Betfair charge 5% and Smarkets charge 2%. I always try and use Smarkets where possible as it increases the profit and will use Smarkets for this example.

Step 2 – Deposit £10 into William Hill

So with this offer, you will need to sign up to William Hill ensuring you quote the promo code C30.

Once you have done this, deposit £10 into your account.

Step 3 – Sign up to an Exchange

There are 2 main exchanges I use, they are Smarkets and Betfair. They allow you to bet against an outcome happening.

The exchanges charge a commission on any winning bets, Betfair charge 5% and Smarkets charge 2%. I always try and use Smarkets where possible as it increases the profit and will use Smarkets for this example.

Step 4 – Deposit £30 into Smarkets

By depositing £30 into the exchange, this allows you to bet on anything with decimal odds of 3.0 or less for your qualifying bet.

BUT – in order to get the free bet you need to bet on odds above 1.5.

You therefore need to look at the odds available on William Hill and compare with the odds on Smarkets to find a close match.

I’ve found a quick match using a Championship game on today. Here’s the William Hill odds:

and here’s the Smarkets odds:

Step 5 – Using a calculator to know how much too Lay.

There are a number of free online calculators that can be used, here’s one of them:

This allows you to type in the odds you find, find out how much you need to lay, and what your ‘Qualifying Loss’ will be.

A ‘Qualifying Loss’ is the small loss you will incur to access the free bets which is where we will then gain profit.

I managed to find a bet where the odds with William Hill were 2.05 and on Smarkets were 2.12.

Ensuring the calculator is set to the ‘Qualifier’ calculation, I input the odds ensuring the commission for Smarkets is inputted at 2%.

By clicking calculate, you know the lay amount and the ‘qualifying loss’ (acceptable loss in the calculator).

So I need to Lay £9.76 against this result happening on Smarkets after betting £10 on it happening with William Hill.

As shown below, make sure your bet is Against the outcome, to ensure it is a lay bet.

Regardless of whether the bet wins or loses, I will have a small loss of 43p aka the ‘Qualifying Loss’ as shown in the calculator.

Step 7 – Finding odds suitable for your free bets

When using free bets, we always want to use odds over 4.0.

Well it maximizes the profit available because the higher the odds, the more profit or winnings are available to manipulate if the bet wins.

So again we find the relevant odds on both William Hill and Smarkets websites.

I’ve quickly found a match in the Scottish Premier League.

Heres the odds on William Hill:

And heres the odds on Smarkets:

Step 8 – Free bet calculator

So this time we need to ensure the calculator is set to Free bet, and then we need to input the bet details. This free bet is ‘stake not returned’ so I leave the stake returned box unticked.

The calculator has worked out that using these odds will turn my £30 free bet into £19.70 profit.

What I like about this calculator is that it gives a breakdown of what will happen in both the bookie and exchange accounts depending on where the bet wins so you can see the maths in action (even if you don’t really understand how it works).

Now you’ve done your calculation, you can bet your £30 free bet with William Hill.

Make sure that on the bet slip you tick the free bet option, you are likely to need to place 3x£10 free bets, but this can be done on the same selection.

Place your Lay stake of £20.08 on Smarkets.

For this bet you are likely to need more money deposited into your exchange account so ensure you have enough to complete the bet.

In this example we require £76.30 in the Smarkets account as this is the bet liability.

Step 10 – Calculate and record your winnings

Free bet profit – Qualifying loss = Our Profit

So for our example:

I always advise people to keep a record of their profit/loss – so they can see exactly how much they have won in any given month.

Wanna see the 10 step process in action?

Here’s a quick video showing the William Hill offer again, but with different bets as an example.

Quite simply, you can take the instructions above and apply them to as many offers you can find.

Do this, and you will make money!

However, if you really wanna get into it like i have to maximise the profit available in the shortest amount of time, you are going to need to invest in a matched betting product.

Theres 3 potential packages I share, but only 1 I fully recommend, ‘The Betting Mastermind’.

Regardless of whether you are in interested in investing in a paid Matched Betting product i not, i full recommend you read my top tips when matched betting.

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