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Betting Tips for the Singapore Grand Prix - Formula 1 - Ralfie1982 Blog, OLBG Mobile

Betting Tips for the Singapore Grand Prix - Formula 1

Singapore Grand Prix - F1 - Night Race

Hello! Welcome to my F1 Blog for those of you reading it for the first time, I hope you like it and find it useful. For those returning welcome back, you can follow me on Twitter (@Ralfie01) for general F1 (and golf) chat.

Thank you Monza, another great race (once you look beyond the front two!) with all sorts of fun and games in the mid pack behind them.

So to Malaysia, and another of my favourite grand prix, perhaps not for the race itself as the track doesn’t lean towards lots of overtaking. The wins from pole stat below will suggest just how critical being near the front is.

With it a night race, I said it last year and I say it again this year, I think the night time and floodlights bring out the inner devil of most of the drivers and I think there is every chance this year of the same occurring.

Before we move on I will do the usual top and bottom of the class from the Belgian Grand Prix

Star Performer : Danny Ricciardo

What a stunning drive that was from Danny, from the back to 4th (and with another 2-3 laps might have made the podium). Some clever strategy work and outrageous over taking (that lunge from a mile back on Kimi rings a bell!). He is in my opinion one of the most talented overtakers on the grid.

New engine you say? More power you say? Things will be better from here? NOPE! I don't know what more I can say, the sooner they serve the relationship with Honda the better!

Blog Performance

Week 1 : Australia +5.25pt

Week 2 : China -0.25pts

Week 3 : Bahrain -5pts

Week 4 : Spain +4.66pts

Week 5 : Russia -1pts

Week 6 : Monaco 0pts - level stakes

Week 7 : Canada -0.86pts

Week 8 : Austria - 2pts

Week 9 : British - 2pts

Week 10 : Hungarian GP -3pts

Week 11 : Belgian No Bets made (holiday) 0pts

Week 12 : Italian + 13.46pts

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So what do we make of the race and the stats?

The Track & Facts

Marina Bay Street Circuit

Number of Races 9

Most wins (drivers) Sebastian Vettel x4

Most wins (constructors) Redbull x3

Wins from pole : 7 (78%)

Circuit length 5.073km

Best current river recordsSebastian Vettel x4

DRS Zones 2 (Pit Straight & Before T7)

Lap Record Sebastian Vettel

Race Distance 309.453km

Number of Races 8

Wins from poles 6 (75%)

Avg Speed 173 kph

Top Speed 293 kph

Distance to first corner 301m

Longest Flat out section 832m

Gear changes per lap 70 (relatively high comparatively)

Gear changes per race 4270

Percentage of Lap full throttle 49%

Average Pit Stop 20.94

Floodlights 4x brighter than football stadium

Limited overtaking opportunities

Multiple safety cars expected

Brakes and Suspension expected to be under pressure

Singapore has a quirky little technical problem that’s specific to the Marina Bay Street Circuit. Near the Anderson Bridge the cars pass over something underground �" we’ve never ascertained what it is �" that creates electrical interference on the cars. Sensors start showing some strange readings and the actuators that control the throttle position and the clutch start moving and are no longer under the control of the driver.

It lasts for a very short period of time, but the worrying thing is that if we get that little burst of electrical interference just as the car is making a gear change, it can upset the delicate timing of the throttle, the clutch and the gear change barrel. It can actually upset the shift and cause a gear to break.

The first time we went to Singapore it was quite a serious problem because we’d never experienced it before, but we now know what countermeasures to take, such as electrical shielding on the car and a few other software changes.

‘Tim Goss’ - Former McLaren Technical Director.

2016 Singapore race

Pole Nico Rosberg

1st Nico Rosberg

2st Lewis Hamilton

3rd Daniel Ricciardo

Fastest Lap Daniel Ricciardo.

2017 Singapore Grand Prix timings (all BST)

Free Practice 1 15th September 9:30am

Free Practice 2 15th September 1:30pm

Free Practice 3 16th September 11:00am

Qualifying 16th September 2:00pm

Race (start time) 17th September 1pm

So, we are well into silly season now, but the headlines that stand out are Vettel & Raikkonen are staying at Ferrari and Hamilton has verbally told Mercedes he is going to stay with them.

If I am honest now, I don’t see to much more movement with 2018/19 the critical season as Raikkonen, Bottas and Ricciardo all coming to the end of their contracts and I would not be surprised to see Danny Ricciardo move over to the Prancing Horse.

Title Race

So that is two on the bounce for Lewis but we can be hardly surprised at two Power tracks so the fact he is now 1/3 with most betting site you have to swerve that despite his apparent good place. I in fact now would not have a bet on the title race, if your money isn’t down early in the season then don’t do it. I do think Lewis will win but we have a series of tracks that are more akin to the Ferrari, or perhaps now the Red bulls and in particular Danny Ric which might take some points away from those who desperately need it.

My Overview

I am going to hold fire on most, i am convinced now there is little or no value in an early punt as we see the arrival of penalties for changes to the engines and now coming thick and fast.

I think the Red Bulls with their good downforce package should be even closer to Mercedes this week on a slower tight turn street circuit. I think also perhaps Max Verstappen is quicker on a traditional track, where he can push the boundaries of the track, but he is prone to running wide or over trying and on this street circuit that might be his undoing. Therefore the one I will be paying close attention to (penalties pending) is Daniel Ricciardo

My confirmed Selections

Early Value Bet - Race Win - Each Way - Danny Ricciardo 8/1 (Skybet).

He was outstanding wasn't he in Italy, on a track not particularly designed to suit the Red Bull. We come to Singapore where the low downforce tracks will really suit the Red Bull. As I mentioned above, I have ruled Max out a little as he has not had the best record this season with reliability but both are unlikely to have penalties considering the ones they took in Italy. Danny took the fastest lap last year and finished 3rd. Arguably the Red Bull is a better car this year solid ew play (top 2). I have also managed to pick up 14/1 on the betting exchanges (win only) which I hope to cash in after either FP2 and FP3 depending on how well he goes.

Next Bet : After end of FP2 : Hulkenburg Top 6 2/1 with Bet365 (and others)

All about his run in FP2 when he put a really nice 3 sectors together even though there was traffic. He ended up 5th in that ahead of both Ferrari's. With the likely hood of incident and safety cars I think this has a great chance at a lovely price.

Part time gambler. small stakes nothing to serious but loves a bit of friendly competition.

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