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Does the thought of Robin Hood and his Merry Men make you want to string up a bow and arrow? Here are the schools with great programs in archery.

These universities and colleges have strong badminton clubs.

We all played it in junior high gym class, but some people can actually play it well. Here are the schools that rock at women's badminton.

Pitching, stealing, fly balls: these colleges can handle it all.

These colleges have really hit home runs when it comes to their baseball teams.

Want to be the next Derek Jeter? Check out these colleges.

The baseball programs at these schools are really out of the park!

It's America's pastime! Here are the colleges that bring it in for the win. These schools recorded the highest number of men's baseball college world series .

These teams don't just have one great season. They're always great. Check out the all-time top teams, based on winning percentages since the 2005-2006 season. .

These teams might not be D-I schools, but they sure draw D-I crowds.

The crowds at these games go crazy for their teams, especially since most of the students know the players personally. These D-III schools get the award for .

Painted chests and foam fingers populate the crowds at these games. Don't be surprised if you find Dick Vitale in the stands, either.

These conferences don't mess around. If you are a part of these conferences, you better have a great turnout, or you'll be the laughing stock of the league. .

These are the teams with the most loyal fans in D-II. Their crowds pump them up at each game. (Average attendance per game)

These D-III schools know how to draw a crowd.

These ladies draw a crowd due to their dominance on the court.

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