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Everyone Is Comparing The Westbrooks To The Kardashians And Here’s Why

Source: Instagram @Indialove

On Wednesday nights The Westbrooks have taken over primetime television on BET, and since the show’s premiere, the family has been compared to the Kardashians. As fans follow the every day lives of the 5 sisters dealing with their own trials and tribulations on their reality show, many have wondered if they could quickly become the new Kardashians in due time. By the roles that they play on the show, that may soon become true. First and foremost, much of the initial fame that the family received stemmed from youngest sister, India Love, who became a sensation on Tumblr years ago.

After her sisters were able to gain their own social media following, they were then turned into their own brands, with India Love certainly garnering in a lot of the shine, similar to Kim Kardashian at the start of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. From there, India has been linked to a couple of rappers, most famously being a controversial relationship with The Game, which also is similar to Kim being linked to Ray J. From there, they were able to land a reality series, which follows them all trying to build their own brands separately, as well as together.

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who are the westbrooks on bet

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Will the Westbrooks be the Black Kardashians? Rolling Out

Will the Westbrooks be the Black Kardashians?

Photo credit: India Love’s Instagram (@indialove)

E! hit reality TV gold when they signed the now-famous Kardashian family to star in multiple reality series for the network and now they’ve become the reigning stars of the reality TV world. But now it appears that BET has a Black family of their own that’s set to take the world of reality TV by storm.

Tonight marks the debut of “The Westbrooks,” a new BET reality series which will focus on famous social media sisters India, Crystal, Morgan, Bree and Brooke, who have all become famous online for their popular Instagram pages.

The show will reportedly chronicle their lives as “Insta-famous” celebrities as well as their efforts to grow their brand beyond being internet stars to becoming world-famous celebrities. And according to the promos for the series, each sister, like the Kardashians, has her own interesting personality with India being the diva, Crystal being the hippie, Morgan being the around the way girl, Bree being the queen and Brooke being the businesswoman.

And from the looks of things, it seems like the sisters will not only be dealing with the struggles of fame, but also fights amongst each other, fights with other girls, and rumored high-profile romances with celebs like Soulja Boy.

Sounds pretty familiar to us and it seems like the show is going to pack enough drama to be a ratings hit with fans.

“The Westbrooks” premieres tonight, Wednesday, Oct 14 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on BET.

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Nicholas Robinson

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naw, we don’t need another one of them

Ratchet TV at its Finest….

I thought the Kardashians were already Black…

The youngest one is going from rapper to rapper , she will be eventually be used up in the industry real early, and discussing an issue about The Game and Tiffany she knows nothing about that issue and shouldn’t speak on it, and they will not be the Kardashians, and their father needs to teach them about respecting themselves as young women, but I guess the parents want a check too

I think India gets a bad rap as being a thot. From what we know for sure she dated the Game and had a high school sweetheart. Everything else is just gossip. I don’t think she’s even attracted to Soulja. If she wanted to be his gf I’m sure she could be. And I think she needs an attitude adjustment because she’s young and has some fame and maybe she’s unsure of how to deal with the pressure. I hope she matures and is able to be successful in the long run.

You are so right, her attitude is nasty, her followers are able to see who she really is now, I think all of them especially the dad are “doing too much, and wanting to be the Kardashians is a bit too much, one thing that I can say about the Kardashians regardless of the bad rep some people give them they have always been respectful and humble in public, this proves that BET will give anyone a show and I do remember Neffe saying a few years ago here in Atlanta that BET doesn’t pay like MTV, VH1, and Bravo, when it comes to casting reality shoows

What was The Game doing with this 18 year old I know she is legal but he like

Everyone has an Opinion, but who does Russell Westbrook think he Is? Page 3

Everyone has an opinion, but who does Russell Westbrook think he is?

Mandatory Credit: Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

As an NBA superstar the identity and image of a player can be chosen for him, unless he makes that choice for himself. Russell Westbrook has been identified as a sideshow, a living legend and an overrated ball hog. The most important question is, who does Westbrook think he is?

The Seattle Super Sonic – OKC Thunder organization chose to build their future around the raw but talented Westbrook and took him as the 4th overall pick behind Derrick Rose, Michael Beasley and OJ Mayo. When other teams were afraid of the wild child from UCLA the Thunder organization saw the potential star he could become.

The years following have been a wild ride of Triple-Doubles, flashy wardrobes and highlight plays. What started as a scrawny 5’8 high school bench warmer became an NBA star who is having one of the most statistically mind-blowing seasons in NBA history. When others were afraid of what Westbrook would or would not become, the Thunder looked at him and said, “Why not?”

Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

When Russell Westbrook heard all the things he couldn’t do and what he couldn’t be he looked in the mirror and said, “Why not?”. Still today, writers and experts say that Westbrook is becoming a sideshow during the Thunder’s struggles this season.

The injury to Victor Oladipo and the subsequent struggles have magnified Westbrook’s numbers in the wake of team losses. While Westbrook’s style is often reckless he has made it very clear that the only thing that matters is winning games.

On a team with little offensive help Westbrook has put the team on his shoulders and still yet finds himself doubted and questioned. Conventional wisdom says one man can’t lead a team deep into the Playoffs and Westbrook says, “Why not?”.

Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook broke the ice after Thunder star won MVP, Kendrick Perkins says, NBA, Sporting News

Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook 'broke the ice' after Thunder star won MVP, Kendrick Perkins says

Published on Oct. 15, 2017

Ever since Kevin Durant decided to leave the Thunder and sign with the Warriors ahead of the 2016-17 season, the relationship between Durant and Russell Westbrook has been, to put it in very basic terms, not great.

Westbrook was reportedly "ticked off" at the time of Durant's decision and said in February he wasn't sure if the two could ever repair their relationship because "it's not really up to me, honestly." Durant has responded to some of Westbrook's troll tactics over the past year with his own subtle moves . But perhaps all of the drama could be coming to an end.

Former Thunder center Kendrick Perkins, who played in Oklahoma City from 2010-2015, told Sports Illustrated's Jake Fischer Durant and Westbrook are talking to each other once again.

Perkins established a group text message with Durant and Westbrook upon arriving in Oklahoma City. "I didn’t know KD and Russ from a can of paint," he says. "I just wanted to get it like how we had it in Boston." They pinged the thread day and night, dishing football smack and NBA rumors. "We’re in it a lot," Westbrook said back in April 2016, even after Perkins left the Thunder. "That’s the type of relationship we have [with him]."

The group message has been silent following Durant’s departure to Oakland last summer. Perkins thinks it will resume activity in the future. "At least they’re talking to each other again," he said. “I know they had talked right after they announced Russ won MVP. They texted. I think they broke the ice."

This revelation makes sense considering Durant publicly congratulated Westbrook on winning MVP in June via his verified YouTube page.

"Huge congrats to Russell Westbrook on MVP, that boy went out there and was a created player on (the popular video game NBA) 2k all year," Durant wrote at the time. "F—in balled out. Gotta respect it!"

While Durant and Westbrook appear to be back on speaking terms, don't expect those competitive juices to stop flowing once the stars see each other this season. Some NBA fans speculated Westbrook took a shot at Durant with his outfit choice following a preseason game against Melbourne United. There was also a report this week tthe Warriors don't fear Westbrook and believe defending his style of play is easy . There's always going to be the game within the game.

With Westbrook sticking in OKC after signing a massive extension and Durant unlikely to leave Golden State in the near future, we should get a few more intriguing battles between these Western Conference powerhouses. Buckle up. The NBA is almost back.

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