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UCONN 5/21 - Workshop introducing python for analytics

An R-like GLM package for Apache Spark

R package for Simulation in Alteryx

This is an R package containing utility functions used by the predictive tools in Alteryx.

R Package for Optimization in Alteryx

Decision Tree Tool

456 contributions in the last year Contribution activity Jump to First pull request First issue First repository Joined GitHub October 2017

Created 6 commits in 1 repository

Opened 1 pull request in 1 repository

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PiGuy_, NameMC Community

NameMC Community

Thanks so much! That's so nice that you make these for free.

PACK IMAGE AND DESCRIPTION: I'd love the pack.png to be my Twitter profile picture and the description to be PiGuy_'s Resource Pack please

MAIN COLOR: The minecraft cyan color code, hex value #00AAAA or RGB (0, 170, 170)

SECONDARY COLOR(S): Silver or dark cyan (#002A2A, (0, 42, 42)), whatever you think looks better (:

GAMEMODE: I'd like it compatible for most gamemodes, I play skywars and sg the most but don't like the style of most pvp packs. I prefer more vanilla-style blocks and tools/items

YOUTUBE: Sure, you can post it, you can say its for me and my channel

OTHER: I'd like most of the blocks/swords/tools to have a more vanilla feel to them, not totally changed up like some other pvp packs.

Thanks so much for doing this!

Nice cat

I make weird videos about lots of different things, but I am going to be making more bm videos soon

Here's the first one:

Expect more videos soon, I have footage ready for editing and publishing.

@Tobu thats some top-notch editing there

Pi, no question about it. It is an account, but I'll have to settle for PiGuy_


Okay, now that's out of the way, hello! I love BlockMania, run my own server (coming soon), make bad youtube videos and tweets, and somehow got into the build team here. Id love to meet all you other bm players, and hopefully make some new friends

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Piguy sportsbook

piguy sportsbook

Under construction. All spells credited to falconx1096 and Havemeat.

Explosion Test

Touch the purple/yellow brick to regenerate the walls. Touch the red brick for a deadly suprise.

My 1,000th place visit was here. Thanks to LEGOLOCO321, gyjuio (and gyjuiore), millwood10, and Optimus557 for their support in getting me those last few visits.

BLOXART™: Art Attack

This place is self explanatory.

Legendary Treehouse of Ventoren

The path opens only to those who believe.

Inside Your Computer.

Under construction. Come at your own risk.

Pyramid of Aken Aten

Oh great Aken Aten, I now offer unto thee this golden pyramid, in the hopes that you will bestow thy glory and thy gift upon me, thy lowly servant. Please, accept my tribute.

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TwiCopy - Online Twitter Web Viewer

TwiCopy #100MBeliebers

He's talking about 117465 people

Cristiano Ronaldo

He's talking about 39107 people

Charlie Hebdo

He's talking about 26402 people


He's talking about 53263 people

Andre Gomes

He's talking about 11969 people

Kylian Mbappe

He's talking about 105680 people


He's talking about 30393 people

Eid Mubarak

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Mamadou Sakho

He's talking about 11188 people

He's talking about 313449 people

He's talking about 26021 people

Twitter tweet and user archive • We are trying to see the profile of past analysis .

Jimmy Kimmel Live

.@MarcMaron's the one getting interviewed for a change. #WaitingForThePunch


RT + Follow & reply w/ either "Xbox One S" or "PS4 Pro" for a chance to win a custom console! #Dishonored5th Rules: beth.games/2xE2ldG

History In Pictures

Gandhi And the Spinning Wheel | Margaret Bourke-White (1946).

Jonathan Rea

When BBC invite you on the Nolan Show Live, give you a ZX-10R and ask you to do donut burnouts #hoonigan ? Nial Foster

I Love Self Shots

“@dartsgod: Love that snatch. ”

King Kortney?

Hey Twitter we are two black tech founders raising a seed round of half a million. A simple RT might introduce us to our next angel investor

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