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RJ Jazul explained

RJ Jazul explained

Rafael Joey Q. "RJ" Jazul Jr. (born April 11, 1986) is a Filipino professional basketball player for the Phoenix Fuel Masters of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA). He was drafted 11th overall in the 2010 PBA draft by the Aces. He was then immediately sent to the Elasto Painters in exchange for Rain or Shine's 2nd round pick in the 2011 PBA Draft. He is also a member of the Letran Knights team who won the NCAA title in 2005

PBA career statistics

Correct as of September 23, 2016 [1]

Season-by-season averages

|-| align="left" | | align="left" | Rain or Shine| 35 || 13.3 || .292 || .312 || .692 || 1.3 || 1.1 || .3 || .0 || 3.6|-| align="left" | | align="left" | Shopinas.com/Air21| 32 || 23.4 || .368 || .373 || .742 || 2.8 || 2.5 || .6 || .0 || 8.2|-| align="left" | | align="left" | Alaska| 54 || 18.1 || .333 || .347 || .722 || 2.0 || 1.7 || .5 || .0 || 5.7|-| align="left" | | align="left" | Alaska| 44 || 19.4 || .325 || .272 || .778 || 2.3 || 1.7 || .6 || .0 || 6.8|-| align="left" | | align="left" | Alaska| 58 || 19.5 || .356 || .354 || .797 || 2.6 || 1.4 || .2 || .0 || 6.2|-| align="left" | | align="left" | Alaska| 60 || 24.9 || .366 || .381 || .821 || 2.7 || 2.7 || .9 || .0 || 10.0|-class=sortbottom| align=center colspan=2 | Career| 283 || 20.1 || .347 || .381 || .781 || 2.3 || 1.9 || .5 || .0 || 6.9

Notes and References
  1. http://www.pba-online.net/profile/RJ-Jazul/247/ Player Profile

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RJ Jazul FAQs 2017- Facts, Rumors and the latest Gossip

RJ Jazul FAQs: Facts, Rumors, Birthdate, Net Worth, Sexual Orientation and much more! Who is RJ Jazul? Biography, gossip, facts?

Rafael Joey Q. Jazul Jr. better known as RJ Jazul is a Filipino professional basketball player who plays for the Alaska Aces in the Philippine Basketball Association. He was drafted 11th overall in 2010 by the Aces. He was then immediately sent to the Elasto Painters in exchange for Rain or Shine's 2nd round pick in the 2011 PBA Draft. He is also a member of the Letran Knights team who won the NCAA title in 2005

When is RJ Jazul's birthday?

RJ Jazul was born on the 11th of April 1986 , which was a Friday. RJ Jazul will be turning 32 in only 177 days from today.

How old is RJ Jazul?

RJ Jazul is 31 years old. To be more precise (and nerdy), the current age as of right now is 11319 days or (even more geeky) 271656 hours. That's a lot of hours!

Are there any books, DVDs or other memorabilia of RJ Jazul? Is there a RJ Jazul action figure?

We would think so. You can find a collection of items related to RJ Jazul right here.

What is RJ Jazul's zodiac sign and horoscope?

RJ Jazul's zodiac sign is Aries.

Is RJ Jazul gay or straight?

Many people enjoy sharing rumors about the sexuality and sexual orientation of celebrities. We don't know for a fact whether RJ Jazul is gay, bisexual or straight. However, feel free to tell us what you think! Vote by clicking below.

0% of all voters think that RJ Jazul is gay (homosexual), 0% voted for straight (heterosexual), and 0% like to think that RJ Jazul is actually bisexual.

Is RJ Jazul still alive? Are there any death rumors?

Yes, as far as we know, RJ Jazul is still alive. We don't have any current information about RJ Jazul's health. However, being younger than 50, we hope that everything is ok.

Where was RJ Jazul born?

RJ Jazul was born in Pasay, Philippines.

Is RJ Jazul hot or not?

Well, that is up to you to decide! Click the "HOT"-Button if you think that RJ Jazul is hot, or click "NOT" if you don't think so.

Which team(s) did RJ Jazul play for?

RJ Jazul played for Alaska Aces (PBA).

Which teams did RJ Jazul play for in the past?

RJ Jazul had played for various teams in the past, for example: Air21 Express and Rain or Shine Elasto Painters.

Does RJ Jazul do drugs? Does RJ Jazul smoke cigarettes or weed?

It is no secret that many celebrities have been caught with illegal drugs in the past. Some even openly admit their drug usuage. Do you think that RJ Jazul does smoke cigarettes, weed or marijuhana? Or does RJ Jazul do steroids, coke or even stronger drugs such as heroin? Tell us your opinion below.

How tall is RJ Jazul?

RJ Jazul is 1.78m tall, which is equivalent to 5feet and 10inches.

How heavy is RJ Jazul? What is RJ Jazul's weight?

RJ Jazul does weigh 77.1kg, which is equivalent to 170lbs.

Which position does RJ Jazul play?

RJ Jazul plays as a Point Guard.

When did RJ Jazul's career start? How long ago was that?

RJ Jazul's career started in 2010. That is more than 7 years ago.

Who are similar basketball players to RJ Jazul? What is RJ Jazul doing now?

Supposedly, 2017 has been a busy year for RJ Jazul. However, we do not have any detailed information on what RJ Jazul is doing these days. Maybe you know more. Feel free to add the latest news, gossip, official contact information such as mangement phone number, cell phone number or email address, and your questions below.

Are there any photos of RJ Jazul's hairstyle or shirtless?

There might be. But unfortunately we currently cannot access them from our system. We are working hard to fill that gap though, check back in tomorrow!

What is RJ Jazul's net worth in 2017? How much does RJ Jazul earn?

According to various sources, RJ Jazul's net worth has grown significantly in 2017. However, the numbers vary depending on the source. If you have current knowledge about RJ Jazul's net worth, please feel free to share the information below.


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NO WASTED OPPORTUNITY FOR CRUZ, JAZUL, Philippine Basketball Association

NO WASTED OPPORTUNITY FOR CRUZ, JAZUL @inquirerdotnet 04:08 PM January 26th, 2013 Will Chris Lutz recharge the Bolts? PBA Season 42 Preview: San Miguel Beermen PBA Season 42 Preview: Alaska Aces PBA Season 42 Preview: Rain or Shine Elasto Painters PBA Season 42 Preview: Barangay Ginebra San Miguel PBA Season 42 Preview: TNT KaTropa PBA Season 42 Preview: GlobalPort Batang Pier PBA Season 42 Preview: NLEX Road Warriors PBA Season 42 Preview: Meralco Bolts PBA Season 42 Preview: Phoenix Fuel Masters January 26th, 2013 04:08 PM

Jervy Cruz and RJ Jazul have paid their dues.

After starting their respective PBA careers languishing on the bench and fighting for limited playing time, the two players finally got their breakout performance in the just concluded Philippine Cup.

Cruz, the former king Tiger of University of Santo Tomas, worked his way to emerge as the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters’ starting forward after spending his first two seasons playing the reserve role.

In fact, the 6-foot-3 Cruz was the most consistent player among the members of the Elasto Painters with cerebral guard Paul Lee and Jeff Chan struggling with their games from the semifinals to the championship series.

Displaying his true worth, Cruz averaged 11.2 points and a team-high 8.2 rebounds, starting in 15 of the team’s 27 Philippine Cup games.

“He’s been in the league for the past three seasons and he’s showing maturity. The good thing about Jervy is he can spread the floor with his outside shot and he never backs down despite the fact that he’s one of the league’s undersized power forwards,” said Rain or Shine coach Yeng Guiao.

When Rain or Shine picked him up in the Rookie Draft three seasons ago, team owner Raymond Yu even kidded him, questioning if he’s “the real Jervy Cruz.”

“Biniro ko siya, ikaw ba talaga si Jervy Cruz? Bakit parang lumiit ka kasi noong napapanood ko siya sa UAAP parang ang laki-laki niya. It turned out we made a good pick and it was just a matter of time before he became an asset to this team,” said Yu.

Cruz said that as soon as he jumped to the PBA, he knew he needed to change his usual game.

“Malalaki kasi mga players sa PBA, kaya I developed my outside shot,” he added.

Cruz has reasons to continuously improve his game.

“Ayaw kong may masayang na pagkakataon,” he added.

Jazul, on the other hand, was a journeyman in his first three seasons in the league.

The former Letran and Smart Gilas Pilipinas guard is making his mark by producing solid numbers off the bench for coach Luigi Trillo.

“I’m given the opportunity kaya ayaw kong sayangin,” said Jazul, who spent the first two seasons of his career riding the bench of Rain or Shine and Shopinas.com/Air21.

But a trade that sent him to the Aces in exchange for guard Eric Salamat paved the way for Jazul’s breakout season.

A combo guard, Jazul was able to shine for the Aces and made the most out of the 17.5 minutes per game given by Trillo, relieving either JVee Casio or Cyrus Baguio.

He averaged 6.1 points per game and was among the three-point field goal percentage leaders. He had a steady 26-of-63 shooting (41.3%) from beyond the arc – fourth overall in the league behind Baguio, John Wilson of Air21 and PJ Simon of San Mig Coffee.

“When we got him from Air21, we figured out how we can utilize him in our system and we were right about Jazul being an asset to our team,” said Trillo.

In the semifinals against the Talk N Text Tropang Texters, Jazul was able to provide the spunk needed from the backcourt every time Casio was having an off night and it was hard not to notice his game.

How comfortable Jazul has been playing with Alaska has nothing to do with Louie Alas, his long-time mentor at Letran, being included in the Aces’ coaching staff.

“Si RJ walang ipinagbago sa ugali niya. He’s the same player who I coached several years ago,” said Alas. “There was a time when RJ wasn’t used for a single minute and the next day, he was the earliest in practice. Doon mo makikita yung good attitude niya.”

For Jazul, helping his team scale greater heights in the Philippine Cup is something he wants to build on for the Commissioner’s Cup.

“This will give me the confidence to do better in the coming conference,” he added. (RJ)

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