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Spaghetti string - это

spaghetti string это:

Универсальный англо-русский словарь . Академик.ру . 2011 .

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Spaghetti — is a long, thin, cylindrical pasta of Italian origin. [spaghetti. Unabridged (v 1.1). Random House, Inc. (accessed: June 03, 2008).] A variety of pasta dishes are… … Wikipedia

spaghetti — (n.) 1849 (as sparghetti, in Eliza Acton s Modern Cookery ), from It. spaghetti, pl. of spaghetto string, twine, dim. of spago cord, of uncertain origin. Spaghetti Western (one filmed in Italy) first attested 1969. Spaghetti strap is from 1972 … Etymology dictionary

spaghetti — n. pasta made in solid strings, between macaroni and vermicelli in thickness. Phrases and idioms: spaghetti Bolognese spaghetti served with a sauce of minced beef, tomato, onion, etc. spaghetti junction a multi level road junction, esp. on a… … Useful english dictionary

spaghetti — spa|ghet|ti [spəˈgeti] n [U] [Date: 1800 1900; : Italian; Origin: spago string ] a type of ↑pasta in very long thin pieces, that is cooked in boiling water spaghetti bolognaise BrE (=cooked spaghetti served with a meat and tomato sauce)… … Dictionary of contemporary English

spaghetti — spa|ghet|ti [ spə geti ] noun uncount a type of pasta in the form of long thin pieces like string a. a meal made with spaghetti and a sauce … Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

spaghetti — [19] Spaghetti comes from the plural of Italian spaghetto, a diminutive form of spago ‘string’ (a word of uncertain origin). The earliest record of its use in English is by Eliza Acton in her Modern Cookery 1849, but it was still sufficiently… … The Hutchinson dictionary of word origins

spaghetti — [[t]spəge̱ti[/t]] N UNCOUNT Spaghetti is a type of pasta. It looks like long pieces of string and is usually served with a sauce … English dictionary

spaghetti — UK [spəˈɡetɪ] / US noun [uncountable] a) a type of pasta in the form of long thin pieces like string b) a meal consisting of spaghetti and a sauce … English dictionary

spaghetti — [19] Spaghetti comes from the plural of Italian spaghetto, a diminutive form of spago ‘string’ (a word of uncertain origin). The earliest record of its use in English is by Eliza Acton in her Modern Cookery 1849, but it was still sufficiently… … Word origins

spaghetti — noun Etymology: Italian, from plural of spaghetto, diminutive of spago cord, string, from Late Latin spacus Date: 1874 1. pasta made in thin solid strings 2. insulating tubing typically of varnished cloth or of plastic for covering bare wire or… … New Collegiate Dictionary

spaghetti — [spə gɛti] plural noun pasta made in solid strings, between macaroni and vermicelli in thickness. Origin Ital., plural of the dimin. of spago string … English new terms dictionary

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What body types can or cannot wear halter tops, sleeveless tops, spaghetti string tops, and more, Yahoo Answers

What body types can or cannot wear halter tops, sleeveless tops, spaghetti string tops, and more?

1. Wear a good strapless bra. If you haven't been professionally fitted for a bra, this is a great time to do so.

2. Since you say you have a bit of a tummy, you might want to consider wearing a pair of Spanx undergarments, or at least bringing them with you. Think a 21st century girdle. They REALLY suck in your tummy if you have a bit of one, and are much more comfortable than the girdles our mothers/grandmothers wore back in the 50's and 60's. Here's a link if you're not already familiar with them

3. It's also helpful to wear/bring shoes that will be approximately the height of heel you'll plan on wearing. I'm not saying you have to have your shoes, but if you know you'll wear flats or a 3" heel, that affects the way you'll stand.

4. Bring a digital camera with you. Most shops (but not all) will allow you to take photos of yourself in the dresses you're considering. This really helps with narrowing down a selection.

5. Bring only a couple of people whose opinions you trust. Your mother is usually one of them, but not always.

What body types can or cannot wear halter tops, sleeveless tops, spaghetti string tops, and more?

The reason I am asking is because I am looking for a wedding dress, but I don't want to waste my time falling in love with a beautiful dress that will end up making me look horrible or like a whale. I have an hourglass figure, hips and shoulders are the exact width, bust is a 38 B/C, and a have a.

The Pear shaped Woman

The Short petite bride

A great look for tall thin brides are the sheath wedding dresses, which are gowns that are straight up and down. This will show off the figure and make a bride seem thinner than for example a very tall girl in a huge ball gown. The tall thin brides are usually the only ones who can pull off such a gown.

The Hourglass figure Woman

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Something to Say

My husband and I decided to take our teenage daughter to a shopping outlet in nearby New Hampshire one weekend. As we were getting ready to go, Heather came downstairs dressed in short shorts and a spaghetti string top.

An anticipated fight broke out between her and my husband over her inappropriate attire. In order to keep the peace, I stepped in, and reminded my husband when we were young I dressed the same way, it was the style.

He said, " Yeah! Well if you remember right I had something to say about that too !"

"Yes dear", I said, "you did. you asked me for my phone number!"

Vocabulary Help
  • attire - roupa, vestimenta
  • break out - irromper, comeзar
  • downstairs - andar de baixo
  • dressed the same way - vestida do mesmo jeito
  • fight - briga
  • getting ready to go - preparando-se para sair
  • husband - marido
  • it was the style - era a moda, estilo da йpoca
  • keep the peace - manter a paz
  • nearby - prуximo
  • remind - lembrar
  • Something to Say - algo a dizer
  • spaghetti string top - top tricotado
  • teenage daughter - filha adolescente
  • weekend - final de semana
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Esta lista veicula diariamente uma histуria, preferencialmente engraзada (afinal, quem nгo gosta de uma boa piada?), ou uma citaзгo. As histуrias estгo em inglкs, e as palavras mais incomuns sгo comentadas. Dessa forma os alunos aprendem, todos os dias, duas ou mais palavras novas. Todos os dias. Em um ano esse pequeno esforзo diбrio pode vir a fazer uma grande diferenзa.

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15 Designer Spaghetti Tops for Girls Looking Stylish

15 Designer Spaghetti Tops for Girls Looking Stylish

Are you living in hot climate areas and looking to wear something suitable for such weather! Do short sleeve tops attract you the most! Here we are with a new revolutionary tops design getting keenly popular among the women especially the teens of the colleges and working women. The spaghetti top has gained the attraction of the women section in just a short time span. Wondering what is spaghetti tops design!

Latest Styles in Spaghetti Tops for Women:

Here is a quick look at the amazing spaghetti tops designs one should have for a wonderful wardrobe.

1. Simple Spaghetti Top for Women:

A quite common design in this category is the simple spaghetti tank top which is plain and made from cotton. The top is available in various colours which makes a perfect match for any coloured jeans or pants. They have a proper grip on the waists giving a length till the thighs.

2. Cotton Spaghetti Strap Top Short:

Amazing and funky spaghetti tops for women design is the cotton strap design. The top is made from hard cotton material, or say thick cotton. The top is given a proper chest fitting till the waist with tiny charms hanging below to give your belly a funky look.

3. Chiffon Spaghetti Tops for Girls:

Want a clumsy style to wear specially on the beaches! A chiffon style spaghetti tops for girls is a popular design for the same. The top is also given border work on the neck line which is quite cute to carry on jeans or shorts. Made from chiffon, the top has loose fitting which gives a medium sized figure benefits.

4. Long Frock Design Spaghetti Top:

A single piece spaghetti strap tops for women design getting viral is the long frock design in this category. The plain long top is given the length till the thighs with lovely dual strap design on the shoulders. The design is quite widely seen in clubs, parties and also for regular wear with shrugs.

5. Tank Top Design Spaghetti:

Looking for something unique in the tank tops design! A new spaghetti tank top design is what you are looking for. The top is made from cotton or wool which is given amazing tribal prints for a drowsy effect. Such tops have proper fitting with the neck and the waist which is suitable on high waist jeans and shorts.

6. Crochet Black Spaghetti Top:

Want to look bit sexy for your date! Or want to grab the attention of someone special to you! Try a black spaghetti top design which is made from cotton and is coated with crochet design. The tops give floral lines as a cover and the waist section is given a net look with similar effect.

7. Back Design Spaghetti String Top:

Love wearing strips design! Or want to wear a spaghetti design with catchy back! Try a black spaghetti top design made from cotton full of strips. The top is given utmost fitting for a perfect figure with two simple strips on the shoulder.

8. Stylish String Inner Top Design:

Want a different look with an inner design! Try a crochet cropped and stylish spaghetti string top inner pattern in white. The top is made with cotton covered with crochet and attached with a single string. The design is widely worn for special occasions on jeans and pants accompanied with waist shrugs for a wow look.

9. Frock Spaghetti Design Top:

Looking for a girly wear on parties or special occasions! Try a black spaghetti top design inspired by the frock designs. The top is made from silk material to allow several flaws from the waist side. The single strings on the shoulders give a perfect fitting to the chest and waist portion.

10. Trendy Spaghetti Tops for Girls:

Are you fashion conscious! Than here is a new design for you. The neon colour is quite trendy these days with loose spaghetti tops design. The top is made with loose stretchable material which is attached with two simple strings on the shoulders. It is given flaws at the end for a cute look. The top is also carried for swimming on beaches.

11. Womens Printed Spaghetti Top:

Printed tops are much more seen on the summer days and also for regular wear. The printed neck fit spaghetti tops are also widely seen on the jeans and pants for the same. The top is made from cotton and is given several prints with a string belt on the waist. The shoulder is left bare as the top carries neck fitting.

12. Loose Spaghetti Top Design:

A new trendy design in the spaghetti style is the loose top design. The top is made similar to a bag with string on the shoulders and deep back. Made from cotton, the top has a length till the thighs. It is broad from the sides too and hence is suitable over a tank top also matching with jeans, shorts or pants.

13. Transparent Spaghetti Tops for Women:

Want a sensual look over beaches! Get a transparent spaghetti top available in various colours. The tops are usually made from crochet or net material with floral or other designs embossed on it through threads. They give a transparency for the models for a perfect photo shoot too. Hence is viral among the celebs.

14. Designer Single Spaghetti Tank Top:

Want to look different and sexy this valentines! Get a new spaghetti strap tops for women design with a bold look. The red top is made with silk material for a body fitting appearance. The top is given several waist curves which also gives your thighs a chance to attract others.

Want a pretty look for summers or beach travels! A lovely spaghetti tops for girls quite liked is the dress or frock design. The frock gives a tight chest fitting with flaws from the waist and single strips on the shoulders. Made from cotton, the frock also has a net border. It can be worn on capris also.

Spaghetti tops are getting much popularity due to its design which gives a bare shoulder to attract the attention of others. They are designed in such a manner that they give a suitable look to the women with heavy bodies. The strips design is much liked by the girls during travelling. They give much comfort to the wearer due to its flexibility.

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